PALGN: Arkanoid DS Review

PALGN writes: " In much the same manner the original 1986 Arkanoid arcade game was a flattering riff on Atari's Breakout, so too is the DS edition of Taito's block-busting replica a shadow of its Space Invaders-flavoured 'anniversary edition' brethren. A pale shadow at that. While this year's Space Invaders Extreme justified its existence with an all-round presentational gloss and gameplay sheen – all the while staying more or less true to its design origins – Arkanoid DS manages to take away more than it brings to the franchise's forlorn fans and newcomers alike.

Considering Arkanoid can very well develop into a fast-paced arcade game, centred on making precise movements in the heat of the high levels, the total lack of built-in refined and accurate controls in this DS iteration is downright perplexing on Taito's part. Controlling the horizontal movements of a paddle-like ship on the bottom DS screen – with either the directional pad or (the not at all recommended) stylus – the player's objective is to bounce a ball off their vessel and aim straight and true, knocking out the carefully-positioned blocks on the top DS screen in a wholly vertical and narrow playing field. At least, that would be the hope."

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