Burnout 5 PS3 Preview

Criterion Games is aiming for the world with Burnout 5, starting with your PlayStation 3. The company is taking its love of speed, explosions, and fire to the next generation in order to create some of the craziest and most beautiful crashes in gaming. After all, as one of the team members put it: "A f***ed-up car is a beautiful thing."

"If you couldn't make a great game on the PlayStation 2, you can't make a good game on the PlayStation 3," says Alex Ward, the director of game design for Burnout 5.

While the previous Burnouts have all built on the technology of their predecessors, Burnout 5 is going back to page one. "For us, this is a total reset from one generation to the other," says Ward. "One of our goals is to be truly 'next generation,' and that means starting from the ground up."

One reason for that mind-set: This is Criterion's first time around with the new system, and the team doesn't want to make incorrect assumptions about its capabilities. Alex Fry, the game's technical director, explains: "The first thing you have to do when you get new hardware is learn it. Beating it into submission doesn't make sense; you have to work with it." By the team's estimate, just one of the machine's seven synergistic processing elements (SPEs) has more power in it than the entire emotion engine of the PS2.

But learning the technology is only part of the reason. "We know the audience is expecting a leap, and we don't want to disappoint our audience," Ward says. "If, the first time you see the cars wreck [in Burnout 5], you don't think, 'That's why I bought the PlayStation 3; the next gen is here,'--if you think, 'Eh, it's a little better,' or 'It did that last time,'--then we haven't gotten there. So that's why the first thing we have to nail is the crashing."

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InMyOpinion5429d ago

Ohh! You mean Criterion? I forgot you're a Ps3 fanboy, the retard spelling is excused.

peksi5428d ago

That comment was childish and totally out of line. Just about shows what you're made of.

Arkham5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

Did he originally misspell Criterion or was he referring to the car manufacturer Citreon? Maybe the piece was edited since your comment, because I can't find what you're referring to.

InMyOpinion5427d ago

Peksi. I'm made out of mithril, the material legends are built out of!

Thanks for the correction, officer. Won't happen again lol!

peksi5428d ago

How does that relate to the article? What the hell is the matter with you anti PS3 fanatics? Can't you discuss normally?

Marty83705429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

Awesome,very positive article.Criterion like the PS3 alot.

EnforcerOfTheTruth5429d ago

If you lookin for correct spelling, you should better start to visit some more serious places. BTW the spelling thing is mostly due to the fact that the yanks love their 360 and the rest of the world laughs at it. It's not our fault that english is not our 1st language ;-) Take it easy buddy and I can only repeat myself: If you lookin for correct spelling, grammer and some more ambitious discussions, then this is surely the wrong place haha get your sorry ass outta here xbug Jenzo boy ;-)

nice_cuppa5429d ago

and i and everyone i know has writen pds3 off like matrix 2+3 and starwars 1,2+3.

prettend it doesnt exist as its such a let down we dont care.

sorry but i think the euro launch will be the worst one for sony.

how they went so wrong i dont know.

i was looking forward to it a year ago as i was playstation all the way.

now i think sony can go give head to a dead rat

InMyOpinion5427d ago

English is'nt my first language either. I live way north. Try correcting me, or whatever it is you're trying to accomplish, when you learn how to write properly. What is "grammer"? You mean grammar? "If you lookin for"?? Yooo! Rockoooo!!

SimmoUK5429d ago

talk about the spelling just because it's good PS3 news. Very good news like i have said some studios with the resources and the effort will know what there doing the other ones can crash and burn. They are very impressed of what PS3 is capable of and it's a refreshing change from dev's that aren't even working on the system!

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