Is it worth stepping back into 47's shoes with Hitman: Absolution via Xbox One Back Comp?

Carlos writes - "Hitman may just be one of the longest standing franchises on console, but in the past year Hitman as we know it took a big step forward on the current generation of consoles. Sure, the idea is the same, step into the shoes of the world’s deadliest assassin – no, not you Ezio – and hunt down whichever target is handed to you via the assigned contact. But past titles from the series have always sent you into an area that is rather restrictive, especially for someone who is supposed to be toppling some popular business mogul or mastermind."

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ocelot07700d ago

If this was not a Hitman game. Then it would be a decent game. The same way I look at Resident Evil 4 and 5 there decent games but I don't include them as Resident Evil game. Hitman Absolution is a decent game but not a decent Hitman game.

devileyed700d ago

I agree completely. It had an interesting Robert Rodriguez vibe to it though.

Nu699d ago

Absolution was the one that introduced me to the franchise. I personally think Absolution is better than the new Hitman.

ocelot07699d ago

Respect your opinion. With me playing Hitman since Hitman Agent 47 on the PC. Absolution was a unwelcome change for me. I hated the whole X-ray thing. I also didn't like how the whole game played out. I just like the way the other Hitman titles was like. Here is a decent size map now go find your target and kill them as silent as possible. Absolution simply didn't offer that.