Time0 screenshots

For those of you still eager to see more of that Ghostbusters game that was outed via YouTube early this week, you may be interested in these screenshots of Time0, the game that the Ghostbusters dev team are working on until the licensing issues with Ghostbusters are sorted.

The game is said to be closely related to Ghostbusters and follows the adventures of two local New Yorkers who get trapped in some sort of dark parallel New York. In fact, this city itself is some sort of war machine and they only have three days to stop it. Tall order.

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power of Green 5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

The PS3 version will no doubt be toned down alot; from these pics. Anyways the detail and lighting in these next-gen titles are taking games to new hights.

no_more_heroes5225d ago

but I does seem likely. Games like this and ghostbusters usually are multiplatform, but Zootfly have only confirmed it for the 360 as far as I know.

power of Green 5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

I only said that in this thread because the poster of the artcial listed this title as PS3/360/PC, i made the PS3 comment because i don't believe the effects can currenlty be done on PS3.

If you havn't noticed the graphical trend of PS3: MGS4, Lair, Heavenly Sword, FF, all in which are lacking in reflections, lighting, color depth, detail and all are filtered that leaves them yellow or green(more than likely memory trade offs rather than art choices) vs 360: Alan Wake, Lost Odessey, GoW, Ghost Busters, Mass Effect which all have plenty of lighting range reflections color depth and detail.

PS3: Dull, filterd(if devs try the photo real aproach, than leave then green/yellow/washed out)lack of lighting, reflections, poor range in lighting, Lack of Color. Sony folks do not respond to this post it's just one of my notes so i can go back in the future and see the change in popular opinion vs facts. Note for the records.

Raist5225d ago

"Xubl2, the ZootFly's proprietary engine fuels the amazing graphics and gameplay on Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. The technology is on par with the world's leading game engines."

Quote from

You're funny, saying that FFXIII and HS lack color, dertail and light... i guess you didn't chec any screenshots for those games.

By the way, what about Gears ? One of the most dark and colorless game around lol

power of Green 5225d ago

All the console's will all have their own versions 360/PS3 and maybe Wii. lol you won't be seeing the quality of these pics on PS3 no more than you'll see PS3 quality on wii lol

FF and HS has a dull washed out Anime look to them, that's my point over all quality.

i guess you didn't chec any screenshots for those games. ??? I have used every PS3 game in comparison posts, all of them are washed out looking or have green and yellow tints to them i forgot about RFOM.

Raist5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

I think you haven't still understood that those tints are used on purpose. For a war related game that takes place in middle east (MGS4), do you think using flashy colours would be a good idea ? lol.
Same goes for RFoM.
If you really think that the color filters choices have something to do with the hardware, i think you don't understand anything about ahrdware, graphics etc.

Want brightness and colors, check the DMC, VF5, FF, HS screenies.

Ho well, i guess you prefer shiny graphics that make characters look like plastic toys (Mass effect, GOW etc) XD

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nice_cuppa5225d ago

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