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Horizon: Zero Dawn is an exciting and breathtaking odyssey.

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Rimeskeem609d ago

I have yet to see anything under a 9.

DragonDDark609d ago

There are actually, unfortunately. Dosent really hide the fact that it's getting tons of 9s and 10s

Rimeskeem609d ago

I said this in the first 5 or so reviews, i should have known better.

Elda609d ago

There are 2 70's & a 50 so far but the majority are in the 90's & 80's....fair to say overall it's a good game.

SpaceRanger609d ago

Video has minor spoilers! Don't watch!

Watched it for you (:
Overall they can't give it enough praise in all aspects!

609d ago
kenwonobi609d ago

Here we go. Another instant classic. Rolling out the 9's already.

Genuine-User609d ago

Nice to see so many great reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.