Digital Fiasco Episode 20: Capcom’s response to DR4 reviews, MS's E3 presentation, Sony guts PSNow

This week on Digital Fiasco: Capcom’s response to Dead Rising 4 reviews, Microsoft’s E3 presentation, Sony guts Playstation Now, Do we still care about Crash Bandicoot? We’ll also talk about Pewdiepie’s sense of humor and the resulting fallout, but first we’ll talk about Breath of the Wild’s Expansion pass and the disappointment it brings.


Admin note: after talking to the creator, I've updated the title and description from what was once purely focused on PewDiePie (not gaming news) to what is actually gaming news.

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1579d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1579d ago

We all are, in one way or another.

bluefox7551579d ago

Pewdiepie has received overwhelming support from his fans and the youtube community as a whole. Whereas the Wall Street Journal hit piece has been received with universal condemnation, their youtube video currently has 267 Upvotes and 48,000 Downvotes. It completely backfired on the media, and rightfully so. People don't trust the media anymore, and things like this are not helping them at all.

MilkMan1578d ago

Please don't repeat what "someones" dumb president repeated. Like it or not you NEED the media to fact check what people say. Especially a president that has violated 5 constitutional laws within a months time, is hated worldwide and is "trying" to become a dictator.
He's also soft on his friends and tries to gag anything unfavourable.
Also, tax payers are paying over 30 million dollars a month to protect his dumb wife and big ass kids cause they choose not to move into the white house. Besides directing our neighbouring nations, the man, his comments and his whole life is an insult to anyone, including Gesrago W Bush Jr. that has ever held that seat.
So no, the media is needed, and its never going away. It's not perfect because human beings are not. But it is necessary and always relevant.