EA: Nintendo not supporting online games enough

TVGB: "The title of this story seems like a pretty obvious statement to almost any gamer out there, especially those of us with Wii's who want the system to have a more robust online feature set. However, the difference between the community bitching about the matter and a developer actually coming out and saying their not getting enough support is monumental. That latter happened just a few hours ago at EA's Bloggers Day for The Sims franchise."

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DavidMacDougall4079d ago

Says EA whos servers are sh!t and i cant play BFBC for it freezing for 20secs at a time the i get stabbed because on the enemys screen im standing still looking at a f**King wall

Fix your own stuff before you talk sh!t about someone else

TheColbertinator4079d ago

EA is right.I'm still waiting for Nintendo to get the ball rolling on this.I like the Wii but it can't stay in the past for much longer

Wii60Fan4079d ago

Thanks captain obvious.

chanmasta4079d ago

... chuckle when I hear that name!

Baka-akaB4079d ago

Well it's even worse of a situation when it's obvious to everyone .

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