Nintendo Switch Bears an Impossible Weight, But is on the Right Path

The Nintendo Switch is a peculiar device that seems to hold Nintendo's future in its hands. Nintendo isn't exactly in trouble. Their mobile game releases have been highly successful, their expansion into universal theme parks will likely be a resounding success for decades to come, their latest flag

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1434d ago

Damn right it's on the right path. I haven't been this excited for a console since the n64 an PlayStation 1.

We need companies to take risks like this instead of just being Underpowered PCs.

1434d ago
Kurisu1434d ago

I can't say that I share the same excitement as you but I respect Nintendo for continuing to do their own thing.

jonivtec1434d ago

Everybody need a nintendo console at home alongside their console or pc of choice.Im 33 and cant get enough catching my girlfriend with a green turtle shell:)