Burnout Paradise Awards Completed Display Bug Update

If you've downloaded the latest Bikes update for Burnout Paradise, codename Davis, to discover that your awards are missing, fear not. It turns out the game is still aware of your awards, but there is a bug with displaying the correct amount.

The team at Criterion Games is aware of the issue and should be releasing a patch to correct it shortly. Read the original post after the jump.

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Blooper624079d ago

I want to know where the DTS surround sound went to!

RH064079d ago

now my music sounds crappy! I hate Dolby 5.1, i want my uncompressed audio!

shine13964079d ago

post it on their site...their good with their feedback...

shqype4079d ago

Wow guys, I didn't know downgraded audio was another side-effect of the latest patch. Thanks for letting me know. If I found out anything about it, I'll be sure update you all!

jay24079d ago

This patch is SERISLY FLAWED. first thebike glitch, now this.

Kolemar4078d ago

The bike crashes are sooo lame.
The rider magically disappears... sometimes its just at reset not even a crash.
When it finally crashes it just looks awful..
the car crashes look so incredible so why do the bikes ones look like McCrap.

shqype4078d ago

I understand what you feel, and I'd like to see realistic crashes for bikes too. But Criterion stated if they showed a person dying in a bike crash, the E rating would rise to perhaps a T rating, and they don't want to make their game unsuitable for all audiences.