The 1UP Show: Yakuza 2, Spore, Bionic Commando

Matt Chandronait from 1UP writes:

" We are SO back!!

Adjectives are hard to come by when the mind is doubly addled by lack of sleep and the adrenaline of finally gettin' the job done, so you'll forgive me if I resort to: megaton! A close second was: rainbow-y. You'll see.

The 1UP Show hits it off big for our season premiere with a super-early dive into the eight-player multiplayer for Bionic Commando. Thierry "Scooter" Nguyen, Jay Frechette, Cesar Quintero, and I took a trip to Capcom for a 360 LAN party. With all the top-tier shooters on the horizon for every platform, Bionic Commando's multiplayer may not seem like an immediate first pick for the online fragging enthusiast, but if our experience is any indicator you may want to start squirreling away those pennies."

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