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Harry writes - "Being wildly enthusiastic about carbohydrates, and due to the lack of any pasta or potato-based games, I jumped at the chance to play I Am Bread. If you’ve not heard of it, the game is exactly as the title describes. You must hone in on your doughy roleplaying skills and become one with the loaf. Controlling one corner of crust at a time, you must fulfil every slice of bread’s destiny: Become toast."

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neil363612d ago

The bread version of Goat Sim? Either going to love it or hate it?

MRMagoo123612d ago

actually from what I can remember ....though I did play this a very long time ago was that it's a pretty fun casual game it's not buggy like goat sim but just as fun if you are up for a good time but def not a serious time.

neil363612d ago

So seeing as I absolutely hated Goat Sim, I should still like this?