Pursuit Force 2 for PSP announced

As you'd expect, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is bigger and better. You now get to toy with a wider range of vehicles, such as a helicopter, a hovercraft, jet-skis, and a bike and sidecar combo, while those you're able to jump between now include trains, tanks, and aeroplanes.

Second time round, the Pursuit Force team has grown to accommodate another four recruits: Ash (special ops), Gage (high-speed support), Preach (heavy assault) and the less exotically named Sarah (air support).

(No screens yet – pic is from original game)

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gta_cb5231d ago

i have got Pursuit Forc 1 which was a bundle deal with GTA LCS christmas 2005 it is a good game, also quite hard at some points, but to be honest, i havnt played it that much, so this isnt such a "wow" bit of news, but i am not going to slam a game cos the previous version wasnt that good, so i will give it a try, although i could just try it on my fw 1.50 lol!