The Potential of Arms as Nintendo's Next Big IP

Arms is a brand new IP for Nintendo set for release on the Switch this spring. Does Arms have the potential to be Nintendo's next big IP?

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Player3Podcast2685d ago

I'm still pretty unsure about this game. It looks really fun on the one hand, but on the other I can't see myself playing it without others.

Neonridr2685d ago

looks like it could be a sort of new age Punch Out.

Skaymore2685d ago

Funny because at the beginning of it's reveal I actually thought it was punch out

Segata2685d ago

It's more Virtual On than punchout

Scatpants2685d ago

People don't like fighting games enough.

Quicksand2685d ago

Yeah, smash bros isn't popular at all.

Killustrious2685d ago

Comparing this with Smash Bros is a terrible comparison....... they are nothing alike. Smash Bros has a vast roster of characters and a huge fanbase since N64/GC. But it seems like every new IP Nintendo comes out with is their "next big IP" lol I guess they need to make some noise since they rarely make any new IP

Skaymore2684d ago

Well of course smash is popular but it also gains attention from other IPs. I'm curious how a standalone Nintendo fighting game will do

truechainz2684d ago

At all the footage at preview events I'm seeing a lot of people come out to say this was their favorite over Zelda which is surprising. I'm eager to try it out as I love fighting games, but I'm interested to see how it does with general public.

Jared8Randall2684d ago

Good notes near the end. The game is getting a ton of attention but if it has 3 modes that all consist of punch-twisting, then it's not going to get a sequel that will build on that


Nintendo Select: 5 Switch Games That Deserve A Second Chance

VGChartz's Mark Nielsen: "The Nintendo Switch has been one Nintendo’s most successful systems ever, both measured by the number of units sold and the quality of its titles, but if there’s one thing this generation has been missing it would have to be the Nintendo Selects line, bringing existing titles that had paid their dues back at bargain prices. With the Switch now entering its twilight years, and there being few new titles in store for the foreseeable future, what better time could there be to bring back this tried-and-true tradition? While the actual realization of it may be doubtful given how rigid both hardware and software prices have become in recent years, that only gives us all the more reason to dream up a hypothetical lineup of our own.

For this article the specific focus will not be on those massive multi-million evergreens that the lineup would no doubt contain a few of to cement its value, but instead on games that for one reason or another fell short of their full potential the first time around and deserve a second chance to reach more players at an affordable price. Let’s get started."

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FinalFantasyFanatic108d ago

I really want Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Switch, can't believe that hasen't been ported. I'm playing Skyward Sword at the moment and I'm almost finished, but it's so long and the controls are so bad, even without motion. Astral Chain is fantastic though, they should make a sequel.


ARMS update out now (version 5.4.1), patch notes

Nintendo has prepared a new version 5.4.1 update for ARMS, and the official patch notes are now available.

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A bunch of Nintendo Switch games just got the same patch, but no one’s quite sure why

ARMS has received its first update in five years, but we'd prefer if it got a sequel

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SwiderMan586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

I got the same for Splatoon 2. Nintendo's release notes should be more detailed. Interesting.