Nintendo updated Arms today, for first time in four years

From Eurogamer: "Remember Arms? Nintendo's colourful spring-loaded boxing game launched in 2017 and was last updated the following year - until today, when it received a mysterious new version.

A number of other older Nintendo Switch games have simultaneously been updated, including Super Mario Maker 2 and Splatoon 2.

And the same mysterious update has also been added to Switch smash hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which Nintendo abandoned a year ago, after 18 months of patchy post-launch support."

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deleted84d ago

I can't believe Nintendo is still charging 59.99 for this game. As for other first party titles such as Mario or Zelda, it can be argued that they continue to remain in high demand and the high price reflects the demand. However, I cannot imagine there is a high demand for Arms this far into the Switch's life. It very much could have benefited from a price drop to increase its sales and player base.

BlackTar18784d ago

Nintendo doesn’t care. The least consumer friendly company in the business but they make kids games so people forgive them.

Neonridr84d ago

*they make good games

but I agree, they need to be more like Sony with old titles. Utilize that Nintendo Selects line and drop the prices.

deleted83d ago

@Neonridr They do make good games, I agree. I also agree with BlackTar187: I love their creative development, but hate the suits who try to sell it. They are the worst.

I do like that idea, a Nintendo Selects line like Playstation Essentials. Drop the price to maybe 29.99 or 39.99 for older titles that have slowed down in sales, but are still great games.