Why Inafune Thinks Western Development Beats Japan's

With Japan losing ground to America's developers and audiences in the video game industry, 1up recently conducted a series of interviews with several Japanese creators in order to gather their opinions on what has happened, and what they can do to take back what they had lost.

Among those interviewed was Capcom's own head of R&D, Keiji Inafune, who is best known as being the father of Mega Man, and who has spearheaded the company's initiative into making games skewed more toward a Western audience, such as Dead Rising and Lost Planet, as well as finding external developers for fare such as Bionic Commando. When asked if he felt that Western development had indeed surpassed Japan's efforts, he said...

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Raoh4070d ago

"On the other hand, Japan mostly has developers controlled by publishers. The developers' aspirations and innovations first have to be evaluated by the publishers. Unless the publishers accept the developers' ideas, they'll never have access to the players. In the U.S., there are free competitions between developers."


with EA/Activision/Ubisoft etc buying up and dismantling studios.. buying franchise licenses

this guy sounds like an idiot who has no idea of whats going on.. sooooo american developers have an edge because they are doing what makes japanese developers suck?

if ever there was a reason for a face/palm

ChickeyCantor4070d ago

And he is asian himselve =D
That filty backstabber XD

gano4070d ago

credit tho. Besides america has a way of bogarding
things. They are actually speak humbly.

1Shot1Kill4070d ago

Kenji is the man!!! One of my favorite developers and he tells it like it is.

Now get to work on that Dead Rising sequel!!

TruthbeTold4070d ago

... I believe that it is more of a motivational stance than anything else. I seriously doubt that they feel that they are inferior in any way.