NWR: Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir Review

NWR writes: "You are a detective who detects things by finding small objects among large static backgrounds. You know those I Spy books? Yeah, like those. After you find enough objects from a long list, you solve a slide puzzle or some similar menial task, and then your witness coughs up information that doesn't seem to have any relevancy to the case. Oh, right, the case. You're investigating the disappearance (or murder, it's never really made clear) of Mr. Phil T. Rich. The only way to investigate an area is to look for specific objects in rooms that make TGI Friday's walls barren by comparison.

As you investigate more witnesses and find more kitsch, you are awarded new devices that let you find even more objects, like an X-ray scope, flashlight, and the ability to interact with certain objects. For example, if one of the clues is "fill the bottle," you find an empty bottle, hold down L or R, and color it in."

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