Is Nioh the Future of Ninja Gaiden?

Twinfinite Writes: Koei Tecmo's Nioh shares a lot in common with both Ninja Gaiden and Dark Souls. Could the new title be the future for Team Ninja's flagship series?

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greysun123644d ago

Ugh. I really miss good Ninja Garden games

Rimeskeem643d ago

Aye, the soil was always fertile and the plants grew fast!

bouzebbal642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

Nioh is just one more of the great franchises made by Koei Tecmo

CorndogBurglar642d ago

Ninja Gaiden is a totally different type of game than Nioh. Its a fast-paced, incredibly technical action game. It has its own place and should not mirror the Nioh/Dark Souls/Bloodborne formula. They too have their own place.

IamTylerDurden1642d ago

But Nioh clearly has Ninja Gaiden combat elements infused into it.

IamTylerDurden1642d ago

Nioh is the future of Team Ninja.

chrisx644d ago

Nioh is the Beginning of the Nioh Franchise, the latest amazing Playstation exclusive

UCForce642d ago

Man, this game is just good.

PhoenixUp644d ago

I sure hope not. Ninja Gaiden has its own unique identity

starchild642d ago

I agree. Nioh is awesome in my book. But Ninja Gaiden in its heyday was outstanding as well. It had it's own mechanics and its own flavor. I hope we one day see another Ninja Gaiden game.

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The story is too old to be commented.