New Xbox Experience: A Look at Avatars Video

Major Nelson shows off some new footage of Avatars from the upcoming New Xbox Experience, due "Fall".

Major Nelson also writes: Ever since Avatars in the new Xbox experience were unveiled at E3 eariler this year, people have been asking to see more. In this week's Developer Diary, I do a quick look at the Avatar creation section of the new Xbox experience. While this is by no means a complete walk- through, it will give you an idea of what is coming with this part of the new Xbox experience.

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<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-US&playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:af0e0dcd-5cff-43a2-bd32-4841fe6a89d1&showPlaylist=true&from=msnvideo" target="_new" title="Avatars in the new Xbox experience">Video: Avatars in the new Xbox experience</a>
Hooded Vendetta5786d ago

Glad to see some new info about the Avatars, One thing I wasnt too sure on.


IdleLeeSiuLung5786d ago

It looks pretty good. At first I thought this was a bad idea, but it is much more advanced and more adult friendly than the very simplistic armless Wii Miis.

I like it and look forward to the new Xbox Experience. Now if they would just release it, I want the new play from hard drive feature!!!

Omega45786d ago

WOW didnt expect the customization to be so deep, especially when its really just a 3D version of your gamerpic

Drekken5786d ago

OMG I am so excited for these new avatars! Next - WAGGLE!!!!

Whats that new plumber game coming out?

Fox015786d ago

Ha ha; nice try; troll, this is better than Miis. And BTW http://www.n4g.com/ps3/News... so go back to your basement.

JokesOnYou5786d ago (Edited 5786d ago )

I wasn't expecting that level of custimization, I'm not big on Avatars but these look really cool so it should be alot of fun to play around with and as long as I don't have to pay for every different hat or sock I want for my Avatar then sure I'll glady try out this new feature.


Drekken5786d ago

Oh yeah Fox, I forgot Wii has real time satellite shots of the clouds moving over earth.

So yeah - it isnt better than the Wii version. Your point is so valid.

Gam715786d ago

are you sure you didn't mean to post that comment in the sony copies ninty thread drekken.

What does satellites showing clouds have to do with avatars or mii's?

power of Green 5786d ago

It's the interactive content that will be amazing and the 3rd party use of Avatars that will take this beyond 3D gamer pics.

Drekken5786d ago

Gam71, pay attention if you are going to talk to me.

Gam715786d ago (Edited 5786d ago )

oops i knew who he was responding to but didn't click on the link.

my bad.

But you are an idiot drekken and the less i can talk to you the better.

and why is ben getting disagrees?

StephanieBBB5786d ago (Edited 5786d ago )

Microsoft has done NOTHING to make it easier for gamers to find each other and socialise with these new avatars. IMO I think that this is an illusion that is made to not fall behind of the wii and PS3's avatars. There are no usefull features to this more than a way to say "hey look at my avatar".

On a second note. It sure looks more casual, and that may be the real thought behind this, to capture the casual crowd easier. But gamer wise and especially hardcore gamer wise, this won't benefit you at all.

power of Green 5786d ago

Fucin don't even know what you're talking about lol. Do some research son.

Gam715786d ago

have to agree with pog.

The new system allows for an easy visual aid in seeing when your friends are online, what they are doing and to bring them together for group activities.

The vid was purely for avatar customisation. If you want to know the importance of the avatars and how it links gamers together you need to look at the other information released about the new dashboard.

beans5786d ago

Hey POG I didn't bother reading up on this but the interactive part is sounding pretty cool thanks.

bomboclaat_gamer5785d ago

seek out the trolls and take their bubble away. nice video by the way

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GameOn5786d ago

Is it me or does this even sound like the Wii.

Oh well. An extra feature is an extra feature.

DJ5786d ago (Edited 5786d ago )

It's so bubbly and poppy, like a little kid's game. I wish Microsoft would just go back to their core concept, which was simply making everything cool. These are just too similar to the Nintendo Miis for their own good.

DFresh5786d ago

Even though it's a copy of Home & Mii avatars it's still very well put together.
I'm gonna get my 360 soon can't wait to play Gears of War & Left 4 Dead.

Gam715786d ago

how is it a copy of home?
maybe a reaction to home but not copy.

Fox015786d ago

Home isn't even out yet, how's it a copy?

Drekken5786d ago

Hate to break it to you Fox AKA Mr. Smart guy - Home might not be public, but it is out. Nice try, back under your rock.

Fox015786d ago (Edited 5786d ago )

I was exactly like you when I bought a PS3 just for MGS4 and to put it nicely that game was phucking terrible. Every time I started to play MGS4 every five minutes there was a cut scene it was ridiculous, so every five minutes I was reaching for that 360 controller.

Then there was the announcement that FF13 was not going to be a PS3 exclusive further proving there is no point in owning one. So literally the only arguments that PS3 fans have is (whiny voice) blu-ray. It's over priced, too big, ugly, and has no good games. I am surprised that thing has lasted as long as it has.

-Crawl back to your basement-

I feel your frustration, you want a 360 (it's cheap and it's the best library of games ever, 2nd to the SNES), but you can't afford it coz you've just wasted €400 on a console that has no good games. Or, if you're twelve, your parents just bought you a PS3 and aren't buying you another console till you're 18.

Drekken5786d ago

I can afford w/e I want. I have my own house. I am a smart consumer. Sorry - Bad guess.

No Xbox of RROD for me. I already own a dvd player.

joevfx5786d ago

Throw any console they own out there window and never pplay a video game again. That game destroys anygame that is out now or has been for the past 4 years. You reachign for your 360 controller during the MGS cut scenes just means all you like to play is generic everyday shooters. THats all teh 360 has to offer. I bought a 360 a few months ago and have not been impressed by any game its know for. Halo is HORRIBLE, the worse designed game i have ever played. Gears is pretty good, easily the best game on the 360, but no where near MGS status.