Why Games With Gold February 2017 Should Be Considered The Best Month Of The Service Ever

ThisGenGaming says "Games With Gold February 2017 was an extremely strong month for the service, how strong? Well we think it's the best month that the service has ever offered and here's why."

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Monster_Tard1443d ago

Not a bad month, but I think last April was better with Dead Space, Saints Row IV, The Wolf Among Us and Sunset Overdrive.

mark_parch1443d ago

that month was freaking amazing. dead space is one of my favourite games of all time, no idea why i didn't get sunset overdrive on release but damn that game was good

r3f1cul1443d ago

even tho sadly i already had all those games i would agree that month was absolutely nuts with the quality that offered

ninsigma1443d ago

That's a way better month! Wouldn't be into saints row but it's a big enough franchise and the other 3 are all great games. Author of the article is crazy lol

Why o why1442d ago

That sounded like a ridiculous month. Pretty hard to beat

ClickbaitAF1442d ago

Amazing month, indeed! After playing Dead Space, I wish they would the others BC.

XanderZane1442d ago

There you go. I knew there were better months then this.

Notellin1442d ago

Best month no doubt. I read the article title and started looking for what month they gave us all those games. You beat me to it!!!!!

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Hotabang1443d ago

can we stop with "this time its the best" mentality and articles please. If its the best people will realize its the best without needing an article to justify it >_<

Deadpooled1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Well at least it's better than the spam 'predictions' articles TGG posts every month.

Hotabang1441d ago

yup, fkn pachter, dont know why people read his shit XD

1443d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.