Yakuza 1, 2, 3 and 4 gets limited reprint in North America

The first four mainline Yakuza games have gotten a limited reprint.

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XanderZane2662d ago

Each game is $50 a pop for the PS2 games & $40 for the PS3 games. LMAO!! Are they insane? $50 for an old PS2 game? They should have just put all 4 games on one disc for the PS4 for $60. I would have bought that in a heartbeat. I won't buy any of these now. SEGA is crazy.

_-EDMIX-_2662d ago

It is better than the alternative of paying like $100

RosweeSon2662d ago

Until its goes on the digital stores and then gets reduced in sales every now and again

XanderZane2661d ago

You can get it on Ebay for less then that. The games are rare because SEGA didn't make enough of them even though they were in demand. They are still very old game and should be cheaper now.

Yakuza 4 was FREE on PSPlus for the PS3 back in Feb 2015. I downloaded it.

Sure all 4 games for $60 is a bit much, but they could have did Yakuza 1 & 2 for $50. Yakuza 3&4 for $60. That would have been better.

Darkwatchman2662d ago

Ever heard of value and rarity? And supply and demand? It's why those ps2 games are selling for $50

ShiranaiJittai2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )


Nope I never have. I also haven't seen Yakuza 1 for $30 Yakuza 2 for $40 Yakuza 3 for $40 and Yakuza 4 for $18 dollars physical copies you can hold in your hand online either.

explicitbaron2661d ago

most people on forums are whiney peopel who don't have basic understandings of those things. Yakuza 2 is very rare hence the high price. I'm still trying to get a copy of Yakuza 4 new for under $35.

bluefox7552661d ago

Yeah, supply and demand happens in the used market, it seems sketchy having a publisher do it, since ya know, they technically have an unlimited supply.

ShiranaiJittai2661d ago

I wouldn't expect to get all 4 for 60 dollars that's kind of the opposite type of crazy but I would expect Yakuza 1-3 in one Release and 4, 5 and the awful zombie game on another. Or even just the PS2 games in one collection and the PS3 ones in another. It is absolutely insane the prices they are charging for the digital. The whole point of digital is to circumvent rare copies. When they do this it usually makes the rare physical copies plummet in price as they are priced affordably. When Nocturne was put on the Playstation store it didn't magically cost 80 dollars like a Physical copy went for online. It was listed for either 20 or 30 can't remember which.

Either way you cant release the same EXACT game with no changes 10 years later and get the same price. It has to have some kind of improvement. Resolution, load times, additional content included, lower price. It's just the way the rules are in the digital marketplace and in this remaster happy world we live in now.

These aren't even remasters they are reprints. You don't get to charge the same price for the game you did when it released 10-15 years beforehand it just isn't done. I had the Genesis and loved it I enjoyed playing Dreamcast at a friend's house but Sega just doesn't play by the same set of rules as the rest of the industry and they often shoot themselves in the foot over it.

_-EDMIX-_2661d ago

"These aren't even remasters they are reprints. You don't get to charge the same price for the game you did when it released 10-15 years beforehand it just isn't done"

Is there some law saying that they can't do this? Link?

The price of shin Megami tensei Nocturne wasn't raised on PlayStation Network because it was Atlus themselves putting it online. So if you don't actually know about supply and demand why would you bring reference to something else? Don't you think being uneducated about one means you're unable to understand the concept of why that price was lower digitally? I'm sorry but by your own admittance you've made it difficult for anyone to actually really hold a conversation with you based on the lack of knowledge.

So you're telling me you've never heard of supply and demand, yet you have the nerve to write an entire post despite admitting you are uneducated regarding simple business Concepts?



starchild2661d ago

What I really want is for Sega to localize Ryū Ga Gotoku Kenzan and Ryū Ga Gotoku Ishin for the west. Those are my favorite Yakuza games, but my Japanese isn't good enough to get the most out of them. Please give us western localization of those games, Sega.

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PhoenixUp2662d ago

I got Yakuza 4 through PS+ and still can't bring myself to finish it

ONESHOTV22662d ago

Well when you jump into the series so late I'm not surprised

PhoenixUp2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

It has nothing to do with the jumping into the middle of the series and more how the game was structured personally.

I had no problem completing Yakuza 5 since that's a more varied game that had better structure.

_-EDMIX-_2662d ago

... the series doesn't really vary as much as you might think.

PhoenixUp2662d ago

Yakuza 5 did. I got to play with 5 different characters with different gameplay and tonalities and I was invested for the most part.

Yakuza 4 just seemed to dull on me after 6 hours.

LordMaim2661d ago

6 hours in a Yakuza game? That's what... the first chapter? Maybe? At least you didn't rush to judgement.
No wait...

JCW20052662d ago

Lmao, ps2 reprints in 2017.... gimme a break... just put them on psn ffs.

_-EDMIX-_2662d ago


I'm still surprised they're not on PlayStation Network on PS3.

2661d ago
XanderZane2661d ago

Yes, for $25 for 1 & 2. I'd probably get it then. I still wouldn't pay $50 for physical or digital.

VersusDMC2662d ago

They aren't really being sold by Amazon. But by sellers through the site. Which I assume is like buying off eBay? Either way I don't think this is official sega business. And releasing yakuza 1 again will affect Kiwami sales. Because it's a remake of the 1st one. Just people trying to rip you off. Shop around if you really want the whole saga on your shelf.

Femto2662d ago

nothing was reprinted, there was some stock that sega had which got sold and now 3rd party sellers are selling them for high price.