Look who's still making games for the PS2

Proving the PS2 still has an audience and Sony is sticking to its 10-year lifespan for the console, Gamertell has compiled a list of notable PS2 games being released for the PS2 in time for the Holidays.

From the article:

"While many gamers may have jumped ship to the comfort of the cell microprocessors that power the Playstation 3, the accrual of Playstation 2 titles have yet to come to a complete halt. The pickings may be slim but many developers, such as Atlus, continue to show faith in this 8-year-old console by releasing highly anticipated titles exclusively for the Playsation 2. Other developers, like Electronic Arts, show their support by continuing to develop Playstation 2 versions of popular multi-platform games."

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Raoh5481d ago

i have both atlus games on my gamefly que.. i might wait though on persona 4 since i'm not really done with persona 3..

mgbass135481d ago

dividing resources between 3 systems. Let's not forget this.

Freezingduck5481d ago

Sucks to whoever "still" supports the Xbox360

You can see it...lack of games for the holiday...closing of many first-party studios...the end is near

AllseeingEye5481d ago

A must buy. Thank god I have the 60GB ps3 because I sold my ps2 a long time ago.

sunnygrg5481d ago

Its great that devs are still supporting the 8year old system, PS2. However, I wish that they would just stop with crappy multi-platform ports (Mercs 2 anybody!?). Atlus, however, still makes excellent games. I am still playing P3 and enjoying the heck out of it.

Gorgon5481d ago

And since the PS2 is going full-force into India now, I guess the PS2 will continue beyond the 10-year lifespan.

ReBurn5480d ago

That's great for PS2 owners in India, but it doesn't guarantee quality titles into the future. The list in the article has some big name games, but there aren't very many. Developers are going to be sinking the lion's share of their capital into PS3 games, so the quality of new PS2 games is going to be like the quality of PS1 games after the PS2 launched.

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20 Best Sonic Games of All Time

Sonic The Hedgehog has had a long and storied history over the past decades, but which are the best Sonic games ever made?

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Rebel_Scum443d ago

If I have to read another one of these lists that contains the sentence "The game that started it all" I'm gonna go nuts.

And when it comes to fan favourite zones in Sonic 3 (he mentioned Hydro City, Marble Garden and Launch Base), I'd replace Launch base and Marble Garden with Ice Cap zone. Never heard anyone refer to the others as favourites.

NJShadow443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

I sorta' stopped caring about this list when I saw Sonic Spinball (a genuinely great game) ranked lower than some of the noted atrocities.

Pyrofire95443d ago

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed is still my favorite kart racer.
I've never really been able to play online tho. D:
Can't even play Team Sonic Racing online cause the servers are broken and don't queue people together.
P.S. This is such a random list. I really don't agree with it. Maybe this really is how they rank it but them just seems odd personally.


Dynasty Warriors 6, A look back on a controversial period of the Musou games

Dynasty Warriors 6 was a controversial game that took the Warriors series in a much needed new direction. Can Dynasty Warriors 9 do the same?

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Lord_Sloth602d ago

DW9 came out a few years ago and was not met with kindness. You mean 10. DW6 was not a good direction at all but DW6Empires was alright by me.

LordStig602d ago

What i remember from DW6 was alot of characters who had unique weapons in the previous games ended up with either a spear, sword or bow. Some that come to mind was the guy with the claw like Vega from street fighter, the guy with tonfas, the guy with the samurai sword and the chick with the bladed rings, all cool weapons changed to generic sword, bow or spear.

The spinoff strikeforce was pretty cool.


Top Ten Sonic the Hedgehog Games

Phil writes, "Today, June 23rd, 2021, is Sonic the Hedgehog's 30th anniversary. 30 years ago today in 1991 a blue hedgehog named Sonic took the gaming world by storm with a spin dash, a too-cool-for-school attitude, and a hankering for chili dogs. SPC celebrates the occasion with a special top ten list, presenting the site's picks for the very best of the Blue Blur's biggest and boldest titles. After you've checked out the picks here, which Sonic games would you select as your personal favorites?"

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819d ago
Flawlessmic819d ago

1. Sonic 3
2. Sonic 2
3. Sonic mania
4. Sonic generations
5. Sonic

Jls1819d ago

wheres sonic 06 lol. I know im in the minority but if you can look past all the glitches I actually liked the game.

Chocoburger818d ago

I have played the game more than I'm willing to admit. Even beat all the DLC as well, and nearly S ranked everything including the DLC.

The game had good graphics for the time, and a fantastic soundtrack. If only it had an extra year of development it could have been a decent game. People keep harping on the kiss at the end of the game as if its a big deal. It really isn't (people kiss their cats and dogs all the time, and no one freaks out about that).

They try extra hard to hate on the game, and while it does have a multitude of unacceptable flaws and had serious development issues (Yuji Naka quit SEGA early on during the project which definitely caused some internal struggles at Sonic Team), there are some positive aspects about the game that people don't give it credit for.

DarXyde819d ago

Hmmm, this is kinda cheating, but I would rate Sonic 3 & Knuckles as #1, rather than having the two games separately occupy #2 and #3.

That was literally the only game I played for YEARS.

-Hermit-819d ago

In any order

Sonic Adventure 1
Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Heroes
Sonic Shuffle
Sonic Generations
Sonic Lost World
Sonic Unleashed
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic CD
Sonic 3 & Knuckles