Dynasty Warriors 6, A look back on a controversial period of the Musou games

Dynasty Warriors 6 was a controversial game that took the Warriors series in a much needed new direction. Can Dynasty Warriors 9 do the same?

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Lord_Sloth111d ago

DW9 came out a few years ago and was not met with kindness. You mean 10. DW6 was not a good direction at all but DW6Empires was alright by me.

LordStig111d ago

What i remember from DW6 was alot of characters who had unique weapons in the previous games ended up with either a spear, sword or bow. Some that come to mind was the guy with the claw like Vega from street fighter, the guy with tonfas, the guy with the samurai sword and the chick with the bladed rings, all cool weapons changed to generic sword, bow or spear.

The spinoff strikeforce was pretty cool.