Konami Announces Bombergirl; a 4 on 4 Action Title That's Full of Scantily Clad Girls

Bomberman + Anime girls.

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Calither1757d ago

Yes! This is the AAA idea that will surely win back fans.

nX1757d ago

Or make them finally rot in hell. I somehow can't believe what a stupid company Konami has become within the last 5 years.

-Foxtrot1758d ago

Konami just live in their own little world don't they...

TFJWM1757d ago

I don't know if I would consider Japan its own little world but as a Japan only arcade game it will do very well for them...

1758d ago
Yui_Suzumiya1757d ago

Oh wowser! Who needs Silent Hills when you got this?! :3

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The story is too old to be commented.