Do Boss Battles Have A Place In Modern Games?

Do boss battles still have a place in modern games? Or are they an outdated part of game design that's better of left behind?

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Player3Podcast2682d ago

Some of my favorite games of last year didn't even have combat, let alone boss battles. However, I agree. If they are going to be present in a game, they need to fit narratively.

NapalmSanctuary2681d ago

Or rather, the narrative needs to fit the design of the game. Game design is the central pillar of video games. Everything else should compliment it, not the other way around.

chrisx2682d ago

Boss battles will always have a place in video games

MKUltra2682d ago

For sure. Just needs to be the right place

Player3Podcast2682d ago

The awesome part about gaming today — with the ever-expanding capabilities of development teams — is that just about everything has a place if done well. Boss battles will always be welcomed, but it is fun to see an era where they aren't necessary.

annoyedgamer2682d ago

The Witcher 2 and 3, Deus Ex Human Revolution all had great boss battles that did not feel like boss battles.

MKUltra2681d ago

Witcher 3 had some really memorable fights. Each monster contract sort of felt like a mini boss, where you really had to prepare and learn about your opponent before fighting them. Really well done.

Calither2681d ago

I don't really get why you were disagreed with but I thought so too! It felt like a milestone to take on a very hard monster that you were holding on to a contract for what felt like forever.

Aenea2681d ago

I loved that too, I bought the strategy guide especially for that, I know you could prepare everything in game, but it somehow felt better to flip thru a book while preparing!!

ian862682d ago

I'll never forget the final boss battle in Army Of Two: Electric Boogaloo 3. It was against a goddamn Humvee. So odd and out of place, but it was the last level so it "needed" a boss battle. Here's hoping more devs start moving away from conventional boss encounters in favor for something else.

Lazybones20202682d ago

I agree with your discussion completely. Boss fights that fit the narrative are the best way to go. In regards to BioShock and Arkham Asylum, thinking back in terms of story alone, the final boss fights had the potential to make sense, but they were executed so poorly that they defeated the entire purpose of their respective games. Fontaine and Joker both pulled all the strings, so it fit to end the games with confrontations with the antagonists, but not in horribly formulaic duels.

The Big Daddy was the perfect enemy for BioShock. Initially, they are terrifying and all-powerful, but by the end of the game, you find yourself taking out Bouncers and Rosies left and right just to grind up some cash. Titans from Asylum didn't really give off that same response, however, but went from difficult to trivial enemies by the end of the game.

Also The Last of Us was practically perfection. Can't wait for Part II.

CorndogBurglar2681d ago

Titans weren't meant to be boss battles in Asylum though. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City had actual boss fights avainst Batman's major villains.

I think thats what the article is talking about. Not regular enemies that just happen to be a little tougher to beat than the normal enemies.

Lazybones20202679d ago

I apologize, that wasn't the point I was trying to make. I brought the Titans into the conversation because Joker was basically just a glorified version of the Titan enemy, not a real boss at all. All of the other bosses in the games had their place, but there wasn't anything inherently unique or necessary about the Joker boss fight.

I discussed the Big Daddies because they were better Boss Fights than the final fight against Fontaine.

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Neil Druckmann: Philosopher gamer behind 'The Last of Us'

who is now the sole leader of Naughty Dog, “I promise you, we will not be ‘The Last of Us’ studio forever.” Numerous games, he said, are in the works, including “multiple single-player projects.

Lightning7712d ago

I know he has a celebrity like status but unless he's announcing his game soon idc what he has to say from this point on.

We need announcement something from him.

Crows9010d ago

The dude is a nobody. He's also wrong. Naughty dog is the uncharted and Jak daxter studio.

They only made one universally praised last of us game. They're not know as "the last of us studio" but they are currently known as the "remake" studio.

Lightning7710d ago

I like his games tbh I'm just more upset at the fact that he's been talking and talking and not showing anything. I'm an actual fan of his work, don't cars if that's that's a popular take or not.

If he has nothing to show or talk about. I don't care about his interviews, his red carpet appearances or what's next for last Of Us 2 TV, leave that to Hollywood. You don't see SP, Bend, or any other studio doing what he's doing. They're remaining quiet and focused as most PS studios do. He should do the same. The next thing I wanna hear him say is "now heres our game" we know that probably won't be for another year or so, so he needs to remain silent and stay out of the limelight for awhile.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash10d ago

You are wrong. LOU2 won a lot of GOTY and was highly rated. It's okay to dislike the game but saying that ND just made one critical acclaimed LOU game is just hating at this point.

rippermcrip11d ago

Kind of a weird interview. No substance, hardly any questions. It's almost like they forgot to post the whole thing or something.