How Ethan's Sleeves Saved Resident Evil

And a nice pair of shoes, too, . I remember sitting next to my roommate, Silky, at an important meeting. We were probably hungover, maybe a bit high, or that elusive mix of both that's only achievable when you're not yet twenty-five.

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PhoenixUp2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

- Claire Redfield might have had some general training from Chris, but she too was largley just a normal civilian in the beginning of RE2.
- Moira Burton also filled the civilian protagonist who lacked prior combat training role in RE: Revelations. She also dressed like a hipster unprepared for the horrific trials ahead.
- Natalia Korda is normal albeit mysterious girl from Revelations 2 that just happened to be a survivor from the incident in Terragrigia as seen in the first Revelations game.
- Not to mention the entire cast of RE: Outbreak are comprised of normal citizens.

Ethan Winters just happens to be in that same pre-established boat, and just like Claire he'll be better prepared if he returns in future RE installments.

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Cy2709d ago

" We were probably hungover, maybe a bit high, or that elusive mix of both that's only achievable when you're not yet twenty-five."

You're trying way too hard, dude.

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Resident Evil Fans Discuss Whether They Prefer First Or Third Person

Players have long debated the merits of third-person as opposed to first-person perspective in games and the topic has recently resurfaced on Reddit, this time concerning the long running Resident Evil series. The discussion so far has generated somewhat heated opinions from users on both sides of the argument.

Resident Evil has a long history of using both perspectives, with some entries in the series like Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 offering players a third-person view, while others like Resident Evil 7 provided players with a first-person perspective. Some fans believe third-person allows for better visibility and control over the character, while others believe that first-person immerses you more deeply into the game's atmosphere.

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-Foxtrot445d ago

Third always

It's what it's always been and how it's meant to be played whether it's fixed camera angles or over the shoulder.

Rockstar444d ago

There was a time when I would have agreed but if you've got a vr setup the 1st person RE's are on another level.

That being said, they can both exist because they're both fantastic.

Babadook7430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Exactly. If there was no VR version available or possible I’d say 3rd person. But because of the extreme heightened immersion, VR trounces the flat screen version, so 1st person please.

Sonic1881444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

They should have the option to have both going forward imo. But I do prefer third person view

Levii_92444d ago

I love both and the new mainline RE games should stay in first person for at lest one more game that’s why i hated that Capcom for some reason added third person in RE8 .. like why ? What was the point ? It just lost what made the new games unique and different. Re7 is a gem and already such a classic, it’s RE1 of this generation or well the prevous generation i guess i should say and RE8 is bonkers and so fun. Such great games.

Goozex444d ago

First person. It just ramps up the intensity for me

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What horror franchises could learn from Resident Evil

Resident Evil has remained the most popular horror franchise in video games for a long time. These are the reasons why.

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-Foxtrot582d ago (Edited 582d ago )

The remakes are good examples

Resident Evil 2: "Here's how you do a remake"

Resident Evil 3: "Here's how NOT to do a remake"

NecrumOddBoy582d ago (Edited 582d ago )

I think RE3 was actually pretty good but just short and flawed a bit. If Capcom would’ve just put the RE3 campaign and it’s dodge mechanic into RE2 (maybe called it RE Raccoon City Chronicles) and placed the the game in a canonical order LEON A, CLAIRE B, JILL C; then dropped the multiplayer nonsense, it would have been the most perfect package. I enjoyed RE3’s ties in to 2 and they streamlined it well. It just was a flawed deliver.