Game Franchises We Want on Nintendo Switch

IGN: "With Nintendo's newest iteration with the Switch, we take a look back at games we loved and hope Nintendo brings them back."

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porkChop708d ago

METROID. Gotta love Peer, he knows what he wants.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

For me:
Bayonetta 3
Bravely Third
Senran Kagura 3
Kid Icarus 3
The World End With You 2
Monster Hunter Stories
The Wondeful 101 Sequel
Exclusive Dead or Alive game like they did on 3DS
Advance Wars
1080 Snowboarding
Wave Race
Excite Bike

deafdani707d ago

And Adventures of Lolo, Excitetruck / Excitebots, new 2D Wario platformer, and make a full fledged console game of Dillon's Rolling Western (Jiro the Armadillo is an awesome character and deserves more than just small Indie games. I guess the same could be said about Sakura Samurai?).

Oh, and Battallion Wars!

And it would be interesting if they tried to make something modern with Ice Climbers. Maybe rework them into another genre just like they did with Kid Icarus?

707d ago
_-EDMIX-_707d ago

Bravely Default 3
Shin Megami tensei 5
Animal Crossing
Luigi's Mansion 3
Paper Mario ( only if it's like Thousand-Year Door )
Mario & Luigi RPG (ie anything like paper jam)
Top down Zelda similar to link between worlds.

If it has any of those combinations especially Animal Crossing, it will be a very easy buy for me.

Since I'm already getting Zelda breath of the Wild on the Wii U I don't really think I'm going to double dip on the switch and I'm not really sure I care about the 3D Mario games anymore. I'm probably not also get a list all the game two games I want if indeed it supported under virtual console lol

The other franchises but I do want like Metroid Donkey Kong or Starfox I just do not have confidence that they can produce a quality title with any of those games right now considering the teams they have working on those games it would strongly have to depend on the team making the game.

ie Retro, Old Rare, Original Star Fox team, just have me fly straight and shoot stuff with boss battles in a linear path and you already have my money, I never asked for all these different stupid Ships and Motion controls lol

deafdani706d ago

Wait. Retro's Donkey Kong Country games were awesome. What are you talking about?

_-EDMIX-_706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

They might have been awesome for you, I personally did not actually like their take on Donkey Kong.

Differences of opinion I actually just want to go back to the country style games I personally did not like tropical freeze or how it sort of felt like you were some sort of Boulder when you are running.

I don't think it's a bad game but a lot of those games rely deeply on how the game feels.

I would rather have retro working on a Metroid Prime game and I would rather have the original rare team working on Donkey Kong.

Not to say that the Retro Game was bad for Donkey Kong simply I'd rather have that team actually working on what they do best with Metroid

3-4-5706d ago

* Advance Wars
* Wave Race
* Pilot Wings
* Diddy Kong Racing
* Smash Brothers
* New Nintendo IP
* Shenmue

deafdani706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

Smash Bros will definitely happen, no need to wish for it.

Arms is the new Ninty IP to look out for.

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