For Honor - Best Character

Find out which characters are best for different play styles so you can find the best character for you!

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Maxor1758d ago

This game is a riot to play, but I can't help but wonder if there are some missed opportunities here. The combat system is perfect for a Dark Souls style single player campaign so I'm disappointed that they didn't go down this route. As for the multiplayer, it's not deep enough and there isn't enough maps.

ULTp0ltergeist1757d ago

It's going to be gimped at launch similar to Halo. So most content will be free but overtime, heck the game is still worth it. Easy to learn but hard to master yet very fun.

Raider691757d ago

Ubisoft could have explore this great fighting system and make a terrific Single Player game but instead has taken the route of the Multiplayer,and always connected and this game is going to sell terrible and flop.They never learn.I hope Vivendi ends up picking this company before it goes under,terrible shareholders that only want profit but lack in suitable ideas.

Goldby1757d ago

Bud thats whats vivendi does. Buys companies runs thdm into the ground by making stupid decisions that sound great on paper. Best thing ubisoft could do would be to get rid of vivendi. And for honor. Open beta is a joke. Really keeps the immersion when im a samauri, my team mate is a viking and we are going up against vikings.

Ubifailed again

GorillaTact1757d ago

We will see once it has released. Story mode has online co op, and the multiplayer is unique and a blast with friends. There is also the option to play against bots, and a Custom game mode. I dont see it doing as poorly as you think.