Lords of the Fallen Mobile Review - Shallowed Out

Modojo takes a look at CI Game's newest mobile game, Lords of the Fallen.

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1753d ago
Einhander19711753d ago

This is the sort of crap that the Nintendo switch is being compared to. Don't make me laugh the
Only comparison is the switch can be used mobile, nothing on iPad, iPhone, android doesn't come
anywhere near to zelda breathe of wild. And that's just the start.

Onenyte1752d ago

BUT there is a comparison......

I can see this game being on the Switch

But I can't see the real Lords of the Fallen running on a Switch lol

Garyp1752d ago

Finally CI Games release Lords of the Fallen mobile. I wait fot it so long and now I must play on it. I like so mych LotF on PC and I can't wait when they release LotF2 now. I hope LotF mobile will be as good as LotF on PC.