Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Playstation 3 Q&A

GamersReports.com got the chance to speak with Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Development team members Vince Harron, Technical Director & John Troy, Lead Designer. These guys are part of the team working on the new Playstation 3 title.

We got to preview the title at E3 this year, and although it was certainly a step forward from PSP, it did not have that extra oomph that marks some of the PS3 games. Just how close is the game to completion, and do you still have work to do, graphically and (otherwise)?

"What we showed at E3 was still a fairly early version. We have a few months with a lot of work to do before it is finished. We only showed one of the characters at E3, for example, who didn't have his full range of animations and abilities yet. The final version will have plenty of improvements and optimizations to the graphics and gameplay."

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ps3willrule6573d ago

i'm not excited about this game at all in all honesty..i'll wait for a reveiw on ign or gamespot if it sounds kewl i might rent it

OutLaw6573d ago

I am really surprised that you're not excited about a PS3 game

PS360PCROCKS6573d ago

lol one thing a ps3 is NOT praising, halleujah!

sonyISgod6573d ago

You peoples should of known by now that this game is only 50% complete and it looking great already. MMORPG always have a bad graphic when it come to gameplay. This game will proof it wrong by giving a next gen graphic that will blow any 360 titles away. You may dout this game now but it will be an AAA title when it launch. "50% complete" still got a long way to go.

PS360PCROCKS6573d ago

WHY do you have to run your mouth and say it will blow everything 360 away, you have no "fact" here that you always gloat about. Your full of false hopes and pretenses...this game probably will be good, will it kill the 360 and eat it for lunch? Uh yeah most unlikely, please stop referring to the two systems as if this was a boxing match, until I see the two fighting each other, um their wont be a winner. Course theirs always celebrity death match, lol a PS3 versus a 360, that'd be a funny death match, they could have kutaragi standing on the side screaming to use more spe's

OutLaw6573d ago

Maybe I could say Heavenly Sword could be a good competition. But this game still needs alot of work to convince me it is a must have or a top notch game. I did buy the PSP versions if you want to know.

ps3willrule6573d ago

ya heavenly swords owns this game..both seem to be hack and slash....yes i know this is only 50% done but heavenly sword is about the same and it looks a hell of a lot better...the physics in heavenly sword are good as well..i don't see that good physics on this engine..but i gotta agree with xbox 360 rocks yes this game will pry turn out good will it blow away 360 no it won't thats up to other games lol but this one seems alright nothing special i'm saying but if they overhaul that engine or i see like 70 players on screen at once with indivdual AI which is the least they could do since Assassins creed has 60 with individual AI and emotions....will c i guess

PS360PCROCKS6573d ago

yeah I agree...it's a give and take gaming world coming up, with GOW we'll all be like "Take that, what's up now" and than some game will come out that will be spectacular for the PS3 and you'll do it back, the thing is both systems will have solid games, and both systems will have their handful of superb games


5 Exclusives That Will Be Better On The PS4

The PS3 has had some amazing games and great series however these five should wait until the new PS4 comes out before they have another sequel.

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Dylila4140d ago

killzone 4
uncharted 4
resistance 4
god of war 4
motorstorm 4

i cant wait for ps4

AztecFalcon4140d ago

Dat Killzone multiplayer. Dat LittleBigPlanet idea. Yes, please!

Godmars2904140d ago

White Knight Chronicles done right?

That is a compressive single player where you're fifth-wheel character isn't and actual fifth-wheel. Isn't both invisible and valueless to the plot.

Rhezin4136d ago

Maybe Ninja Theory will pull their heads out their asses and make Heavenly Sword 2. FAILED at enslaved FAILED at Devil May Cry...when will they take the hint STICK WITH WHAT YOUR GOOD AT! Go back to your original and successful IP heavenly sword. People WANT IT!

WildArmed5268d ago

Suikoden V, ahhh awesome game indeed

knifefight5268d ago

Agree. To me, Suikoden V is the best of the PS2 Suikos, with part 2 on the original PSX being the best of the series.

2006 for mewas all about Final Fantasy XII (in spite of the haters!), Suikoden V, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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5264d ago

7 Next Generation Budget Games Worth Playing

NoBSGamers writes: "You may remember the posting, Four Budget Games Worth Playing,all of the games on that listing were for the older systems (PS2, Game Cube, Xbox). Today we are going to look for the best of the budget games for the next generation systems*."

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DFresh5531d ago

I found Assassin's Creed to be fun but at the same time repetitive.
It's definitely worth a rental but nothing more.

Dark Sector is fun but I'm still suck on a level and I don't know what to do. >:(

Dark Kingdom is ok not the best PS3 Exclusive in the world but still good.

Prey is so awesome. It's such an underrated game. (3D Realms rocks!)

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Not the best in the franchise and besides I don't like the band Aerosmith.

Tomb Raider = Gay! (Uncharted is so much better now then Tomb Raider. Seriously.)

Star Trek Conquest (I'm not sure but I'll give it a try.)