Team VVV's Racing Game Of The Year Awards 2016: Best Game

VVV: "Removing the flashbacks, which many of us have taken for granted in recent rally games, was a commendably bold design decision. Certainly, the challenge this presented aggravated casual players – but that audience is already catered for with the accessible WRC series. But removing this safety net had a profound effect on the entire experience: for the first time in years, rallying felt exciting, intense and downright dangerous in a game, leaving you with a foreboding sense of dread because every corner had the potential to end in disaster and result in a restart.

Combined with its superb visuals and awe-inspiring audio design, DiRT Rally successfully reinvigorated the rally game genre and captured the essence of rallying better than any recent game - an achievement that makes it both our best dirt game and our undisputed best racing game of 2016. Roll on DiRT 4."

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Knushwood Butt462d ago

Add PSVR2 support to ACC and I might play it.

ApocalypseShadow461d ago

Same. Good sales. But if they are smart, they'll release a VR update on console for PS VR 2. Get more sales. More money.

TheColbertinator461d ago

Impressive series and well known for being challenging

ChiefofLoliPolice461d ago

Jesus really? Damn I didn't know Assetto Corsa was that popular. Now that I look at the sales numbers and the sheer about of mods for the PC version I guess I can see it now.

Obscure_Observer461d ago

Really impressive numbers.

There´re more racing simulators fans out there than most racing games studios acknowledges.

Father__Merrin461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

Wish AC1 was at least one X enhanced but it's only sold a lot because of its price

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