Six racing games we'd love to play on PSVR2

Since we recently tried out Gran Turismo 7 on the PSVR2, it had us at Traxion.GG wondering what other racing titles might be just as intoxicating on this epic piece of hardware.

Here's a video discussing the games we'd like to see and our thoughts on the chances of a PSVR2 version for each of them.

Profchaos464d ago

I know it's never going to happen but a midnight club LA remaster with psvr2 support would be very high on my list along with NFS underground 1/2.

I wish I could play wipeout in VR but that was the only game I really struggled with motion sickness on.

ApocalypseShadow464d ago

I'd like Motor Storm, Tourist Trophy, Pod Racer, NFS Hot Pursuit 2, F355 Challenge and Mod Nation Racers. Just to start. Could use a lot more over the years.

Abnor_Mal463d ago

While I have no problem with circuit racers,, I would prefer more open world driving/racing games in vr.

Living cities with real traffic with drivers obeying road rules for the most part. Stopping for red lights, yielding for merging traffic and traffic jams.

I use to love just driving around in Midnight Club LA listening to the radio and using my Logitech wheel. I still do the same in the Crew1/2 but it’s not the same.

I’d also like to drive through GTA5s Los Santos in first person in vr but that’s not going to happen with a wheel on PS5.


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