Top 10 must play PlayStation VR Games

Darryl Linington from Tech IT Out writes: "Those who purchase a PSVR can now do so without having to wait for games to launch. In order to highlight the very best experiences on the PSVR, Tech IT Out has come up with a list of the top 10 must play PlayStation VR Games."

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Bennibop2688d ago

List is a fail as it does not feature rez!

Babadook72686d ago

Not a bad list. I have 6/10 of them. I agree with putting RE at no 1. But I would put tethered on there somewhere and Robinson too.

Venoxn4g2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Actually I am quite sad that list doesnt include REZ (I really recommend it to anyone..Area X is one of the most beautiful thing my eyes saw, even my friends confirm that as well)..plus game is worth to do multiple playthroughts time to time again..

I can add some of the games:

Super stardust vr (not new added vr mode from ships inside)

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S2Killinit2686d ago

I agree that RE7 should be at number one as well.

ITFGaming2686d ago

We would have loved to add Robinson: The Journey; however, none of us could play it due to the severe motion sickness it brought on.

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captainexplosion2686d ago

I hate rigs so much. I anticipated that game so much but it is terrible imo. Finally got through the super long orientation yesterday. First two times I couldn't get through it because it made me so sick.

Aloren2686d ago

Once you get used to it, it's a great game

BenRC012686d ago

Smash through the puke barrier, its great over here

ITFGaming2686d ago

Hahahahahahahaha... "smash through the puke barrier," lol!

captainexplosion2686d ago

I have no idea how this list can neglect Playroom VR. Also I would have put job simulator higher.

ITFGaming2686d ago

List is in non ranking order :)

ApocalypseShadow2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Good list for the most part even though everyone's list will be different. But a big *no way* on hustle kings. Totally rushed and sloppy VR update no matter how good it looks. Doesn't even use the move controllers effectively. Glad I didn't buy it. Not one good review anywhere.

Want a good pool game? Buy sports bar. I got it for $9. Same price as the hustle kings update. Not only is pool fun and implemented well with move, you also get air hockey,chess,checkers,shuffleb oard, darts, skeeball.

I loved hustle kings on PS3. Don't bother on PS4. Not unless they update it and turn off the indicator lines which make having a challenging game meaningless.

ITFGaming2686d ago

I'm gonna take your advice and check out Sports Bar VR. Thanks.