DayZ PS4 release - whatever happened to the zombie MMO?

PlayStation Universe investigates exactly what has happened to Bohemia’s zombie MMO since 2014, with a PS4 release date still not announced.

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Perjoss2624d ago

Believe it or not, Dayz is still in early access, its not a finished product, I don't think its right to charge console gamers money for a game that isn't finished, and I don't think Sony wants to get into the mess that is early access. Just like Kickstarter, it all started off great but then some devs started to abuse the system.

KyRo2624d ago

Yep and right now its in a dire state. It shouldnt be released on any platform right now. Its probably my first regret buy of this gen tbh.

Jon_Targaryen2624d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

G20WLY2624d ago

And look how rough that game is. It's full of promise, but far from ready. I'm waiting patiently for a fully finished game, complete with VR option, but I'm not holding my breath and I'm not tempted to buy now in the slightest..

Perjoss2624d ago

You're absolutely right, and I'm sure many would agree that in terms of quality and polish its one of the worst games on PSN right now. So far I've been really impressed with the quality of games that have been added to PSN, its so good compared to the trash fire that is Steam and its lack of quality control.

Dont get me wrong, i love Steam and I use it loads but there is a ton of trash being released on there all the time, if you check out Jim Sterling's videos on Youtube you can see that there are quite a few devs that either steal assets from other games or simply use low quality assets that they buy in bulk from asset packages and then sell them as their own.

I can't speak for everyone but I'd quite like to see PSN retain its quality rather than open up its gates to unfinished garbage. Having said that the XBLive early access is doing OK apart from having the dodgy ARK on there many of the early access titles are actually in a decent state.

Perjoss2624d ago

And speaking of ARK and devs that abuse early access, I really dont think its right that the ARK devs worked on and then sold an expansion pack for ARK before the base game was even finished. The whole thing just stinks of greed. I'd even bet money that the ARK devs will announce at least 1 new title before announcing a proper release date for ARK.

Goldby2624d ago


As for as the expansiongoes while still in early access, wild card released a statement explaining why they chose to do that. It had to do with beingavle to transfer characters and dino across maps, and felt it would be better overall to test and fix anybugs during early access for it instead of having major bugs on a fully released game. Personally i have no issue with it as scorched earth came with ark on the ps4.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2624d ago

That's why I didn't buy it. I read stories about the state ARK was in when the developers first submitted the game to Sony...

Framerate drops
Saves deleting
and more.

Sony approved the games several months later and it's still in a terrible state according to things I've read.

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CorndogBurglar2624d ago

I don't care much about DayZ after all the issues with the devs abusing the system and all.

I just want my PS4 version of Elite: Dangerous. We are getting closer!

Perjoss2624d ago

oh yeah, me too! it plays surprisingly well with a controller too.

Callediceman2624d ago

Will it have PSVR Support?

PurpHerbison2624d ago

I feel bad for DayZ devs. They started something amazing and others capitalized on their success by rushing out clones. Now they are left in the dust while people play the clone games instead.

chris2352623d ago

they did that already with ark and it was a bold but good decision as i think the devs will never get to a point where they are going to release it for good. having the most fun with ark on pc and ps4 since chocolate.

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Fishy Fingers2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I forgot they'd even announced it. Haven't played it on PC for god knows how long, Breaking Point (ARMA3) more or less killed DayZ off for a lot of 'us'. Waaaaaaaay better.

Not sure there's much demand anymore.

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Bismarn2624d ago

Shhh....we're all trying to move on from Zombies. Let's just let it go.

Berenwulf2624d ago

I just hope that sony and microsoft won't allow early access games on psn and live... I don't want to play unfinished games. Just look at Day-Z it has been in early access for how many years now? And there is absolutely no end in sight...

TheOptimist2624d ago

As someone said above, ARK is there. And that Tiger game trailer lmfao hahahahaha

Toiletsteak2624d ago

"I don't want to play unfinished games"
Then don't buy them... It's really that simple.

CrimzonRazor2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

there is alot of early access games on xbl thru the gpp the first was elite dangerous which is now released, currently there is ark,subnuatica,we happy few, the long dark,astroneers to name a few.

KwietStorm_BLM2624d ago

Well it's a good thing they don't cater only to one person's opinion then, right?

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