The renowned post-apocalyptic survival game "DayZ" has just released its 1.21 update

""DayZ", the renowned post-apocalyptic survival game, invites survivors to embark on a transformative journey with the highly anticipated release of Update 1.21.

Available across all platforms, this latest update immerses players in a captivating medieval world, introducing the formidable crossbow as a powerful addition to any survivor's arsenal." - Bohemia Interactive.


DayZ 2 In Development, Court Document Reveals

A new document from Microsoft and FTC's legal battle reveals that DayZ 2 is currently under development at Bohemia Interactive.

mastershredder97d ago

Bohemia can suck it with their Day Z cash-ins. So nice that they did a bait and switch before Day Z hit PS5.


Update 1.18 for DayZ is a little bit explosive

Neil writes: "DayZ is a bit marmite - some of us hate it, but more still absolutely love it. If you're in the latter camp, you're going to be very interested in the latest explosive update that has hit the game."

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DayZ PC Review

NoobFeed Editor Kurtis Seid writes - DayZ is far less a game and more an open toolkit to make a unique but unpredictable adventure. Some might find an extremely intense survival adventure. Others may feel the mixed excitement, terror, and loneliness of relying on strangers.

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