Overwatch Mouse and Keyboard Players Will Get Banned

It seems as though that there's a lot of angry Overwatch players that are getting destroyed over other Overwatch players who prefers to use the mouse and keyboard set-ups. But in reality, these players that are complaining just aren't good at the game.

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italkgame2693d ago

How are lies allowed on here?> Overwatch players on console won't get banned for the use of mouse and keyboard. People are taking the Trump era really serious, alternative facts lmao

MyDietEqualsGames2693d ago

Bastard article is worry trolling.

bluefox7552693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

You haven't been around very long if you think misinformation started with Trump. https://www.washingtonpost....

italkgame2693d ago

I didn't think it started with Trump. It started way before that.

PurpHerbison2692d ago

The spreading of misinformation has always been a thing. It has just been extra bad these last few years as more and more people gain access to the internet. The internet can be such an amazing platform but very rarely is it used for good things.

2693d ago
Artemidorus2693d ago

I can see the generation differences already, people on consoles were encouraged to buy a keyboard and mouse to match the PC counterparts on a joint server, now it's banned on games like this.

Sign of the times, I dread to think how many more rules are on the way in ten years time.

RedPill862693d ago

It isn't banned. Never will be.

luckytrouble2693d ago

Bans are unlikely. We'll probably just see a patch that limits the functionality of devices that allow use of mouse and keyboard during games, either on a game or system level.

That said, the console versions of Overwatch were made and balanced for controller play. By circumventing this for higher precision controls, you become a minority with an advantage that isn't necessarily easy to replicate for all players. On PC, it is balanced against controllers in favor of precision mouse and keyboard inputs.

If someone wants mouse and keyboard on FPS games, get a PC. That is the long and short of it. Don't buy a home console if you want a PC experience, and don't put yourself at an unfair advantage because you just aren't content mastering the same control method as 98% of the player base.

RedPill862693d ago

They can't be patched. Can't be banned. Blizzard has no legal right to ban them or detect them. They would have to go through Microsoft. And Microsoft wouldn't do it because they're working on it for all games. Not a good way to start that off by banning Overwatch players (one of the worst games to play with these devices as the in game settings sucked).

kaizokuspy2693d ago

Lol its their game. They have every legal right. You accept their terms of service when you connect to their servers.

RedPill862693d ago


Dead wrong.

Third party tech that goes through the hardware is not under their control. Their terms of service cannot override that of the consoles. Period. You're trying to convince the crowd that a single game developer can pick and choose what hardware is allowed to be plugged into your console. They have zero legal standing to do so. They can only ask Microsoft, who will decline because they themselves would then have to bend to every developers whim. And the hardware list doesn't end with XIM. You'd then see headsets and scuffs and chat pads and all sorts of stupid things being banned from each individual game. What's the use. Hardware companies wouldn't bother anymore if a developer could just say no. What's next? Certain brands of PC components can't be used in PC games? Get real. Developers cannot tell you what hardware you can use on console. You're a God damn idiot. Period.

Cobra9512692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I know what you're saying, and I agree with you in spirit. Blizz have no right to dictate to Sony or Microsoft what kind of controllers to support, or how to support them. Issuing ultimatums to the console makers is beyond ridiculous. However, they do have every right to impose rules on players using their game on their servers. I just hope they recognize reliably the difference between players using mice and those who are godly good with a controller.

Edit: Your "Dead wrong" post right above is dead right. Well said. Except there was no need to get personal.

rocketpanda2693d ago

How will Blizzard be able to implement a patch that blocks certain peripherals on a system level without without Sony or MS approval. A software patch won't be able to do that alone.

Sony already approves licensed kb/m from Hori, for Sony to turn around and suddenly patch it out would create even more issues. The Xim emulates controllers. Good luck to Blizzard if they are going to try and ban.

opinionated2693d ago

Blizzard has sold its soul lol. They will literally cave to anything their base screams about. It's too bad their base is a bunch of ignorant identity warriors and sore losers. I think that's why I can't get into games like this. I thought the beta was great but I was waiting for a 20 dollar sale. After hearing about the endless crusades of the overwatch community on here I just scratched it off entirely. Blizzard is weak and the vocal base is garbage.

I don't play ranked anything, I couldn't give a fuck less. A majority of the time it's because I'm just not good enough to play on ultra competitive. I don't make excuses and blame everyone else, that's bitch made. The tryhards that are terrible at games make them unbearable. Stop crying.

zaherdab2693d ago

ohhh mighty opinionated guide us with your wisdom ... or not ... it's just a mater of balancing their games so that they are enjoyable for most players .... when you're in a competitive match on console with the supported control method being the controller and some douche gets mods that allows him to get an edge on you using hardware not skill it's frustrating as hell and it's good that they listen to their fan base ... even though in this specific instance they actually said they cant do anything about it i think articles are just clickbating and putting words in blizzard's mouth.

anyway whether you get it or not is up to you and i couldn't care less but if you want to get it to play with a mouse and keyboard just get it on the pc... most these players just suck on pc and are using the mouse and keyboard on console coz it gives them an unfair advantage.

opinionated2693d ago

Lmao chill I'm not guiding anyone, I simply made a statement. I'm not getting it at all, I already said as much. It's not because of the mouse users, I already said that too. It's the other 50 fanbase outbursts that killed the game for me. I wouldn't use a mouse, I'm a console mostly gamer so I'm more comfortable with a controller even on PC.

zaherdab2692d ago

you are complaining about other players complaining ... calling people "ignorant identity warriors and sore losers" just because they think it's unfair to be pinned against players that gave themselves an unfair advantage ... it's their right .. they paid for the game knowing the only supported method is a gamepad and they should have the right play a fair game.

just because you don't play competitive doesn't make everyoen else that calls out something being unfair a sore losers .. or identity warrior or whatever ...

opinionated2692d ago

I'm not complaining about anything, I made a statement. I don't play it, I couldn't careless. I just said why I haven't bought it yet. It's because of the sore losers and ignorant identity warriors. Nobody has the right to a fair game. The devs can screw you if they want and there is nothing you can do about it except stop playing. Your rights have nothing to do with it. Do you have a right to complain? Sure. I also have a right to accurately describe the vocal user base of overwatch as utter trash.

No, just because I don't play competitive doesn't mean the overwatch base are those things. The stories on here show that they are those things. I gave my thoughts on blizzard, the community and why I haven't bought it. I accepted that blizzard is weak and the vocal base is trash, that's why I haven't bought it. It's not just this article it's many articles. The overwatch base is the saltiest in probably the history of video games.

zaherdab2692d ago

Sorry dude ... just calling people names doesn't mean you are right ... you don't have to agree with them and they are trying to get their voice to the developer as they are "opinionated" as well i don't see anything wrong with fans giving feedback and the developers listening and acting on feedback ... it's what makes the game fun and has made it a success so far.

I don't mind whatever you say ... it's just this name calling thing that whether it's you or someone else uses as a way to get their argument more "appealing" that i don't understand ... get your opinion as loud and flamboyant as you'd like just a bit of respect can go a long way... but it's up to you :) and i don't have anything else to say... you can trash talk me all you want in your answer if that satisfies you.

opinionated2692d ago

I'm not insulting people just to insult them. I was describing them. You don't have to agree with me but I think it's blatantly obvious. I never said the game wasn't successful and I don't think it's necessarily wrong to give feedback and have the developers grant those requests. I disagree with the feedback in this instance and many instances of the fanbase complaints. It either has to do with "representation" and identity politics or somebody complaining about "smurfing" or some other crybaby sore loser excuse. I'm not name calling, those descriptions are within context.

I'm not trash talking you at all dude lol. When have I attacked you personally? I have done no such thing. I'm not even making an argument, I don't care if it "appeals" to anyone it's just my opinion lol. I'm explaining my first post that you seem to have taken personally but it wasn't directed at you. I didn't even trash you when you mocked my intelligence so I don't know why you are acting victimized all the sudden lol. That mentality would line up with the overwatch base though, just saying...