Starting with a Bang: Gaming’s Best Openings

Player 2 takes a look at some of the best and most memorable opening levels in gaming history.

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619d ago
shloobmm3619d ago

Best opening scene in a game is from Lost Odyssey and it goes from cgi to gameplay flawlessly. Half Life 2 beginning was a noring snooze fest much like the rest of the extremely over-rated game.

DaReapa619d ago

I always felt that MGS had one of the best openings ever during its time. Nearly 20 years later, I have yet to experience an opening sequence as impactful.

Fist4achin619d ago

I liked how FF7 started with overviews of the entire area and then zooming in. COD MW had a cool start throwing you right into the mix.

ArchangelMike619d ago

The Last of Us. That prologue level shocked me like no other game has.