Salvaging Sony

Sony sold more than 80 million PlayStation 3 units over the course of the system's 10 year lifespan. It might not have outsold its phenomenally successful predecessors, but the platform obviously wasn't a failure. However, that wasn't quite so obvious in its early days.

How was Sony able to perform a huge course correction?

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Nyxus619d ago

I'm glad Sony managed to turn things around. I can't even imagine this console generation without them.

Overload618d ago

"I can't even imagine this console generation without them."

PeaSFor618d ago (Edited 618d ago )

Oh Cthulhu.....

naruga618d ago (Edited 618d ago )

the problem with previous gen was not Sony ....were the others ...Japanese Devs didnt have the tools to develop new graphics engines or they didnt even bother with some of them immigrating to underpowered Wii(Mon Hn 3 was ahuge loss for PS3) ... leaving PS3 without its core power--> AAA third party Japanese games (if you sum up the games of previous gen only Kojima and From Software stayed exclusive to Sony with both of them being recompansated with success --> Fox engine and Souls series ) ... West devs (EA , Activision Ubisoft) clearly found themselves in thievery tactics of X360 that inroduced DLC, subscriptions and spoiled the industry with its dump Shooter-only library ...though Sony not only salvaged PS3 but managed to build a better name for themselves giving an ulra helpfull boost for the new beast PS4

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XboxInnovation618d ago

Don't kid yourself, this generation has been a let down all around. In fact, I think the console upgrades are a way to inject some excitement within this console generation because of the lack of exciting and new exclusives.

JackBNimble618d ago

Your opinion is as subjective as games or movies, obviously everyone has different tastes.
I am having a blast this gen personally.

scofios618d ago

Still have my day one (EU) 60 gig ps3 (599 eur) and my slim had a blast with them , man i miss those ps3/360 days .

starchild617d ago

They're doing great this generation.

Last generation was great too. I have fond memories of playing Uncharted 2 online with friends. I was one of the top ranked players there for awhile. Such great times. That game was amazing both online and the single player.

I still have my fat PS3 and it still works. I did open it up and replace the thermal compound and that helped a lot. It plays all my PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. There's no way I'm getting rid of it, unless it completely dies or if the PS5 somehow ends up being able to play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games.

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Majin-vegeta619d ago

Best $700 purchase I've made.

Rimeskeem618d ago

At the time, $600 for a game console and a bluray player was a steal

Imalwaysright618d ago

For those that care about movies.

TheGoodestBoi618d ago

I remember blowing my entire paycheck on the ps3. It was fine at the time because I was living with my folks so it was basically pocket money. I justified it by saying Hey it's the cheapest blue ray player on the market, why not? . Reality was, I ended up not watching one movie on it I was hooked on the games 😅

ILostMyMind618d ago

Glad to know you enjoyed a great console. It's good that a console has a drive for movies but that's not the fundamental thing about it... let alone UHD player.

KwietStorm618d ago

The problem wasn't value, it was price.

Godmars290618d ago

Like my PS2, I used just about every aspect of the PS3. Aside from Linux when it had it.

Bathyj618d ago

I have a thousand Blurays. I care. PS3 is the main reason Bluray is the standard format now.

Godmars290618d ago

Would bet its the reason why BR players in general dropped in price quickly. Way too easy to see what Sony was up to after the PS2 did what it did for DVD.

Bathyj618d ago

What do you mean "up to" like its some sneaky, nefarious dealing? I think Im not getting your tone.
I dont understand how people see a console supporting a new format that then became the standard as a bad thing.

And to be clear CD's with PSOne, DVD with PS2 and Bluray with PS3 all benefited gaming. Those format were not invented for the consoles, they were already in play but the consoles certainly helped the uptake. Thats win win to me.

And Sony didnt invent some new format for PS4, there was no need for it. Bluray is fine for now so they stuck with it. But when their first 3 consoles came out, all those formats were definitely needed.

_-EDMIX-_617d ago

@ima- tell me how great Metal Gear Solid 4 was on the 360....Oh wait

Imalwaysright617d ago

@ Ed

I don't know, I bought it for the PS3 and in fact was precisely the main reason why I bought my PS3 considering that MGS3 was at the time (still is) the best game I had ever played.

nowitzki2004617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

Dont forget, the games were in BR format too. So a lot more data was stored on the discs.

Godmars290617d ago

Not so much underhanded, more everything falling into place at the right time. Sony, being an entertainment media company, going the one extra step of enabling a game device to play a multi-media format just as the format was being introduced. Just as the anime marketing and craze was just starting up whereas with CDs, the Saturn and PS1, everyone already had player of the format. It was that the PS2 played more than games, that regularly movie DVDs had "Playable on the PS2" stickers on them, is why consoles sold even during gaming dry-spots.

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Malice-Flare618d ago

hear, hear. also able to play the PS1/PS2 discs flawlessly...

once the PS1 classics became available on the PSP, i retired the fat for a super-slim...

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2pacalypsenow618d ago (Edited 618d ago )


Pretty sure everyone is aware of that by now, and you can still play Ps1 games on PS3.

Angeljuice618d ago

The PS3 cost an estimated £830 to produce (initially at least). You can't really blame them from trimming off the fat over time.
It was probably the best value system of all time when you think they sold it for half what they cost to make.

rainslacker617d ago

Don't think I could ever retire my phat PS3. Way too many PS2 JRPG's I absolutely love to not have a system to play them on, and the PS3 offers up 3 gens of great gaming.

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badz149618d ago

I waited for a sale not long after the Aussie launch 2007. AUD978 with an extra sixaxis and Motorstorm+RFoM. was a student back then but it was my best crazy purchase ever! died on me when I played GoW3 (Damn that Kratos LOL!) and moved on to the Slim that is still used to this day.

MRMagoo123618d ago

I paid exactly $1000 in Australia at launch but I had it paid about a year and 2 months before it launched because if the massive delays we kept getting ..........I have never been as annoyed in my life when I got the news about the delay , I may have lost a small part of my soul.

Imalwaysright618d ago (Edited 618d ago )

Same exact package but I "only" paid €600 for it. Mine died in a hot summer day while I was in one of the planes of oblivion which is quite ironic... Then I too went for the slim where I still play Dragon Dogma from time to time.

Godmars290618d ago

As a game system it was overpriced.

As an HD media system with online capabilities that also played games when standalone BR players were $300 more, it was competitively cheap. The thing there that the prices of those players quickly dropped.

r2oB617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

As a game machine it was not overpriced. Perhaps your perceived value of the product was that it was overpriced, to you. But for what the machine contained, it was not over priced. If something cost more to make than what it sells for, how exactly can it be overpriced? Again, subjectively it can be overpriced to you, but objectively it was not overpriced (especially relative to the competition). The PS3 sold for $500 (the 20GB version), which was only $100 more than the competition, and yet it had numerous features (hardware based and relevant for gaming purposes, which drives up cost) that the competition did not have. Blu ray (setting a standard for game disc with larger capacity), Bluetooth, wifi, hardware based BC (basically a built in PS2), card reader, optical out.

By comparison, it would seem the original Xbox 360 was overpriced for what it contained.

EDIT: I'm not saying the PS3 didn't cost a lot, but that is different than something being overpriced.

Godmars290617d ago

When looking at the average household income, anything at $300, about around a week's pay for a low-income blue collar worker, is expensive. And when they fist came out the PS3 and 360 were $700. MS just flubbed the math, offered a "cheaper" version, only advertised it with that emphasis and soon non MS-shill sites picked up on the mentality.

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2pacalypsenow619d ago

Remeber opening that box and taking out that shinny console and playing Resistance, good times.

ravinash618d ago

I remember lugging the thing home and how heavy it was.

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game4funz618d ago

Wish resistance would come back

Angeljuice618d ago

Motorstorm was the game that had the biggest impact on me, it was amazing.

DemoIishor617d ago

Ugh, Resistance. That's still one of my favorite shooter campaigns of all time.

Stogz617d ago

Man I remember playing thru that a second time and realizing they had new weapons to pick up that were only available on the 2nd playthrough. Thought that was brilliant and something I dont think any other shooter ever has done. I loved that game.

The co op mode in part 2 was great fun too, wish they'd make another.

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chrisx619d ago

I'm sure sony learnt a very big lesson during the early days of the Ps3,complacency is dangerous. Normalcy has been restored as we can see, Ps4 season has been filled with alot of good decisions and games

nowitzki2004617d ago

Having Blu-ray standard for PS3 right from the beginning definately helped at the end of the gen. Some games had 3-5 discs on X360 while PS3s were only 1 disc.

Apocalypse Shadow618d ago (Edited 618d ago )

I thought it would be a success. But gamers kicked them in the nuts on that $100 difference to Xbox 360.The negative atmosphere was insane against Sony. Even on N4G.

The biggest complaint I think was that Xbox 360 already had more than a year head start in most markets and PS3 had yet to hit the ground running and showing the difference initially.Also, the Microsoft advertising and marketing machine was in full force. When EGM did this
And editors and journalists everywhere seemed like they were being bought with advertising dollars that hurt PS3's image. And places like game trailers were putting out tainted game videos of colors being supposedly washed out. Or the side by side videos of PS3/360 games turning out to be the same PS3 game.

Or games getting hit negatively in reviews for something stupid as "too much variety." Flat out lies to push site hits when they were caught more than once doing it and closing forums when called on it. A true quest to drag the market leader down. When PS3 did all this and more:

PS1,PS2,PS3,CDs, MP3s, DVDs, upscaled DVDs, bluray, 3D bluray,HDMI, Wi-Fi, USBs, memory card ports, larger replaceable HDD size, free online, Bluetooth, rechargeable batteries, motion control (e.g. heavenly sword), custom wallpaper, internet browser,etc.

We all know Sony brings the games and they did. But to not accept the system for all it did when each feature was game related including the one disc only, larger game world sizes,unscratchable bluray disc that was worth its inclusion.

But things worked out when Sony kept tossing out game after game after game even after launching PS4 when they could have easily abandoned PS3 and brought those games to next gen. Gamers just needed to understand that advanced game engines take time to make which improve the games. Like from uncharted to uncharted 2.2 was the most awarded game until the last of us showed up.

I'm glad they continued that trend of advanced games engines and award winning games.And the fact that they were not going to let anyone launch with that much lead time on the market ever again without being ready. Or let advertising dollars dictate trends.And it shows based on their lead and quality this gen.

Last gen only made Sony stronger.

Imalwaysright618d ago (Edited 618d ago )

I'm glad that gamers kicked them in the nuts and unlike you I'm not going to pretend that they didn't deserve it.

The difference was actually €200 more than the competition and the PS3 was getting outperformed left, right, and center in its initial years. Barely any great games until MGS4. Badly designed on purpose (!!!!!!!) with the cell and the separate pools of memory. The trojan horse called blu ray (I don't care about movies. I buy consoles to play games) that did NOTHING for gaming considering that multiplatform games were pretty much identical on the 360 and PS3 even by the end of the generation. The most crappy controller I ever held in my hands called sixaxis and damn how arrogant Sony was and damn how they deserved to be kicked in the nuts.

"Last gen only made Sony stronger."

Agreed and that is why you should be glad that gamers kicked them in the nuts. Sony fixed the mistakes they made with the PS4 and in turn they helped gamers kick MS in the nuts at the start of this gen. Gamers also recognize that they learnt from their mistakes and are supporting them this gen similar to how they did in the PS1 and PS2 days.

Ravenor618d ago

People often forget how poorly the PS3 launched. The games ran like turd, they all looked worse than their 360 counterparts and the console was missing features that the 360 had for a full year.

Resistance was great, it having a separate friends list from your PSN list was beyond dumb though. Why have a messaging service if you have to quit the game to view or reply to the message? Why actually have the memory card slots? Other than driving up the cost they did absolutely nothing, oh boy I can transfer pictures to the HDD.

The 360 was ahead early on not only because of the year lead (Gears dropping around the PS3 launched helped too), but because before Sony got their software act together everything about the 360 screamed new. It's easy to forget but the dashboard on the 360 WAS a revolution of what we expect from a console front end.

The PS3 got its act together, and I'm glad they did. The last few years of the PS3 were phenomenal, easily one of the best finishes of any console when it came to games. The ability to have the PS3 stream video files from your computer was also very useful.

The 360 deserved every ounce of success they had early on, to say it was down to media or advertising purely is ignorant.

game4funz618d ago

This. Someone with common sense.
Ps3 started terribly. Glad they learned from that for the ps4

Apocalypse Shadow618d ago (Edited 618d ago )

Xbox 360-$299/$399
PS3 -$499/$599 only difference is USB, Wi-Fi and memory card ports.

But 360 didn't include HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, rechargeable batteries, allowed replaceable HDD from ANY HDD manufacture, free online,web browser, bluray, motion control or playback of its previous generation of games like PS3 did. Buying those things made 360 more expensive than the built in features of PS3.

You call bluray a Trojan horse but like I said, it helped games and not just movies. All games can be on one disc, discs couldn't be scratched, the size of the disc could have held GTA 4 and all its DLC without having to buy the DLC separately. Just like DVD helped PS2's worlds to be bigger than PS1's games.

We see its effect today. No one complains of scratches,GTA5 world is huge as well as Horizon: zero dawn, etc. No one complains about not being able to switch out their HDD and void their warranty. No one complains about buying $100 Wi-Fi adapters. And no one complains about a system that does more than what we got during PS2/Xbox/GameCube days.Even Microsoft has benefited from Sony including those features. Bluray massively being one of them.

And as I said before, advanced game engines take time to make. Drive club, horizon, uncharted 4, bloodborne,GTA5, etc are perfect examples from simulations of weather, people, clothing, hair that bring the worlds alive. You can thank Sony for pushing the envelope. As other developers are still catching up.

But now, gamers complain there isn't enough power, doesn't play all your previous console games and that they are now willing to pay premium prices for consoles like PS4 Pro and Scorpio.

Interesting isn't it?

Ravenor618d ago

"But 360 didn't include HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, rechargeable batteries, allowed replaceable HDD from ANY HDD manufacture, free online,web browser, bluray, motion control or playback of its previous generation of games like PS3 did. Buying those things made 360 more expensive than the built in features of PS3. "

You're..Really listing motion controls huh? Guess the Eyetoy was gold in your eyes too eh? Online was free due to Sony having almost zero infrastructure and an extremely laissez-faire attitude about online play. Much like the PS2 they left it to developers, so we had wildly different levels of quality. Warhawk was perfect, SOCOM confrontation was a nightmare.

The rest of your list is largely extraneous. Who cares about the awful PS3 browser? I sure didn't. Who cares about a wifi adapter (wifi was more expensive back then), it's called an ethernet cord get one.

Blu-ray, now I enjoy Blu-ray. Movies look sharp, sound good and who doesn't love BDlive!?(the last parts sarcasm). I'm not going to disagree with you about the 360 being at a disadvantage not having Blu-ray. Of course it was, but they passed on it to keep the cost of the console down. A lot of what they did was to keep the cost down on the machine, right down to the 360 Arcade coming with composite cables, not component and a wired controller. Oh and who scratches disks? Game not in use? Put it away.

Don't just shut your eyes and start screaming "I can't hear you." The first year and a half of the PS3 was a trainwreck, that's a fact.

Imalwaysright618d ago (Edited 618d ago )

"But 360 didn't include HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, rechargeable batteries, allowed replaceable HDD from ANY HDD manufacture, free online,web browser, bluray, motion control or playback of its previous generation of games like PS3 did. Buying those things made 360 more expensive than the built in features of PS3. "

And where it mattered the most: the GAMES the PS3 was being outperformed left, right and center in its initial years and all because the PS3 was built to be difficult to develop on purpose driving up development costs and most likely delaying games!!!

Huge MISTAKE... needed to be kicked in the nuts and learn from it and they did: "As early as 2008, Mark Cerny began asking developers what they wanted in PS4"

How can you defend this crap when we're talking about a CONSOLE and coming from a company that said (ARROGANCE... needed to be kicked in the nuts)

"You call bluray a Trojan horse but like I said, it helped games"

Nothing of what you said made games better, in other words SOFTWARE better. Hell even many games that one could argue would benefit from having a blu ray drive such as Skyrim, Fallout 3, RDR, Far Cry 3, Just Cause 2... performed better on the console with the dvd drive... you know the console that we could buy for LESS money and experience those games on a single DVD disk. GTA5 on the 360 was released on 1 DVD disk as well.

Blu ray wasn't needed last gen when it was expensive to produce which in turn meant that we had to pay €600 to buy a PS3 and Sony was losing $200+ on each unit sold

Huge MISTAKE from a gaming point of view... needed to be kicked in the nuts but hey the Trojan horse helped them win the format "wars".

Blu ray is however needed this gen due to size constraints.... you know, when its cheap to produce and we get asking prices for our consoles where most of us don't need to feel that we need to work more hours in order to get them (ARROGANCE... needed to be kicked in the nuts).

Like you said last gen made Sony stronger and I definetely agree. Thank goodness that gamers didn't let them get away with their mistakes and arrogance. This year in particular is awesome to have a PS4 and almost feels like the PS1/PS2 days again. Never felt that with the PS3.

Apocalypse Shadow618d ago (Edited 618d ago )

Same to you ravenor and "I think I'm always right. Don't just shut your eyes to the truth.

Lol! Bluray didn't make games better huh? Sure.

So larger games worlds are not an effect of a larger game disc? Then we should be all still using DVDs on consoles if it doesn't matter. Or maybe even CDs because larger formats don't matter. I wonder how retailers are going to sell any games with nothing to put it on. Oh I know, let's put them on floppy discs.

Sony had dedicated servers up and running soon enough. They had to start from somewhere. It's not like you can build an infrastructure overnight. But I'm guessing impatience is something you're used to dealing with. Same with games taking time to make.

I listed motion because it's the forerunner to motion we use today in VR. Tracking a device in 3D in your hand. You bag on eyetoy, but PS4 uses a camera for VR. Sure buddies. Keep ignoring the positives.

No one says Sony was perfect in launching PS3. But the way you discount all the positive things that resulted from what Sony put in PS3 makes you sound like a haters.

But it's all water under the bridge as Sony took all they learned from last gen and are destroying the competition. So, it really doesn't matter what you guys think.

Imalwaysright617d ago

@ Apocalypse Shadow

Larger games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, RDR, Just Cause 2, Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 2... that performed better on the console with the DVD drive?

"No one says Sony was perfect in launching PS3. But the way you discount all the positive things that resulted from what Sony put in PS3 makes you sound like a haters."

Better than sounding like a corporate apologist but let us see: Sony lost billions with the PS3 and they lost give it or take half the market share they had in the previous generation. Not sure if that's the positivity that Sony was looking for when they put those things on the PS3.

"But it's all water under the bridge as Sony took all they learned from last gen and are destroying the competition. So, it really doesn't matter what you guys think."

But that is exactly what I think give it or take a few words such as "destroying" but hey you kinda agree with me . https://encrypted-tbn3.gsta...

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Chaos_Order618d ago

"And places like game trailers were putting out tainted game videos of colors being supposedly washed out. Or the side by side videos of PS3/360 games turning out to be the same PS3 game."

Oh man, I remember that. Wasn't it Gametrailers with their GRID comparison that kicked it all off? A physics comparison where the 360 version had cars spinning and flipping after crashes, while the PS3 version just had them crumple and jolt a bit. Made the PS3 version look greatly inferior. Except, both videos were from the PS3 version, as you could see the PS button prompts at the bottom corner of the screen. Gamers went ape, and rightly so.

Apocalypse Shadow618d ago

Yup. Pure lies. Grid was just one of them.

Apocalypse Shadow618d ago (Edited 618d ago )

As soon as advertising dollars became part of the journalistic integrity, gaming suffered. It also didn't help that green was plastered all over the pages from money being funneled in. Or websites like Polygon created with those green dollars.

Or giving away free stuff like laptops to bloggers

Now, if you're giving away expensive laptops to bloggers, what do you think game journalists were getting?

Or paying YouTubers

Microsoft was painting the industry with their check book. Having a negative effect on Sony last gen. Websites, journalists, bloggers and and even fans

Sure PS3 was expensive over the previous generation's prices of $299. But underhanded tactics also played a role. If you can influence the people telling you about what to buy, and get away with it, you stand a chance of more sales.

But the good news is that Sony derailed all that this gen and negated Microsoft's negative money throwing around effect.

eferreira618d ago

Not really. MS had a year start and the PS3 was outselling the 360 worldwide since day one.

_-EDMIX-_617d ago

100% agreed I think last generation truly shows that regardless of how expensive your platform is or its shortcomings in regards to popularity, software is what consumers want the most and they will respond to the quality of software time and time again.

Sony had a game plan they stuck with it and they made lots of risky moves by building internally larger by purchasing several teams and basically ignoring specific third party titles that used to be Playstation only games.

You could still see the smart move is done by Sony all the way back in 2006 coming back to help them today people need to remember that Guerilla Games was purchased last generation by Sony and clearly they have proven themselves to be a worthy team.

Sony made extremely smart purchases and you could clearly see those Investments paying real dividends today.

Look at Sega releasing Persona 5 in April...

Look at the success for Tomb Raider and Hitman for Square Enix

if you want to have success in this market you still need to actively invest and purchase teams.

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