Sony's Approach To Early 2017 Is Admirable & Bold

Sean Hallifay of GameRaven.com writes:

''For Sony’s Playstation 4, the early stages of 2017 are ridiculously solid. Regardless of where you stand on their console or practices, three exclusives in two months is a bold move. The current generation of systems is not exactly famed for producing quality exclusives on a regular basis.''

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Why o why2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

This year for Sony smashes any 'perfect storm' . . .call it a 12 month hurricane

By luck or design Sony have lined up one of the best and most diverse line-ups that I can think of by a solitary manufacturer

RpgSama2713d ago

They forgot Gravity Rush 2 and Tales of Berseria, it's just crazy how many great games in these first few months of the year.

G20WLY2713d ago

^ And Nier coming very soon too!

Ladies and gents, we could be entering another golden age of gaming...

RpgSama2713d ago


You're right, Nier is also coming out this month, wow, so many games, not nearly enough time and money to buy and enjoy them all.

DarXyde2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

And Kingdom Hearts 2.8

RpgSama2713d ago


That one too, there are so many great exclusives that I have a difficult time remembering them all, and we are talking about January and February, not the Christmas season, just an incredible time to be a gamer, specially if you own a Ps4.

bouzebbal2713d ago

Insane, minimum 1 hit a month and the trend continues.
Next month is one of the best in the past 10 years: Horizon,Zelda, NieR,kingdom Hearts connection, Mass Effect, MvC3

DARKKENT2713d ago

Personally someone at sony needs to do a better job at spacing out exclusives

It's ridiculous Gravity Rush 2 and Tales of Berseria,nioh, Yakuza 0, Nier horizon all in two months?

Then we have droughts ...would have made much more sense releasing a couple in the spring, just space out the games a bit and that way maximize sales aswell.. Sony have top loaded the first half of the year before and left us with nothing at the end.

Chevalier2713d ago

" It's ridiculous Gravity Rush 2 and Tales of Berseria,nioh, Yakuza 0, Nier horizon all in two months? "

Wtf? How is that Sony's fault? Tales of Berseria is published by Bandai Namco, Yakuza 0 is by Sega, Nioh is by Tecmo Koei. Sony has no control over their publishing schedule as they are 3rd party developers.

As for frontoading the year, why would it matter? There are so many exclusives coming to PS4 throughout this year.

andrewsquall2713d ago

And it was only 2 months ago they delghted gamers with a great show and reveals like Uncharted The Lost Legacy, Crash N Sanity Remakea and of course The Last of Us Part 2. This alone built up buzz for sales of PS4 consoles and thats excluding the past 2 months of GOTY contenders released.

You can only imagine the massive decrease there is on Xbone sales right now and this will continue for months because of the knowledge of a newer console that is coming out in about 8 months time. It is only more damaging that nobody can 100 % confirm it is going to enhance or be a replacement for the current Xbone console models on the market.

DarXyde2712d ago


You realize you need not buy all of these titles immediately, right? If anything, buying them all now is only going to produce a backlog, which will take time to get through. With a game like Ni Oh released, I think you'll be busy for a bit. Then, there's Nier, which should be not too long. Then you've got an open works game like Horizon. If you're a completionist the way I try to be, you'll be very busy. I'm still trying to get everything in Gravity Rush 2. Haven't started KH yet. Then Persona 5.

I don't think anyone with a Playstation will be victims of a drought.

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Eonjay2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Indeed. I'm actually overwhelmed. But the benefit here is that if I take my time, I will have more than enough content for the whole year and maybe even beyond. I feel like we are entering the point in the gen where we have so much games that I am gonna be able to really clean up next holiday when everything goes on sale. And my backlog includes games haven't even purchased yet lol.

Kurisu2713d ago

You pretty much said what I wanted to say. I've not even got around to getting Resident Evil VII or Gravity Rush 2 yet because money. Next pay day is all about ordering Horizon Zero Dawn though so they'll have to wait!

starchild2713d ago

I have to face the fact I'm probably never going to be able to play all the games that appeal to me. That makes me sad.

But at least we're getting great games at every turn.

ShadowKnight2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

It's a good generation and era for Sony as well.

XanderZane2713d ago

It's a good years for me and gamers everywhere. NiOh tomorrow.

Ceaser98573612712d ago


It is good year for Sony.

Indeed , The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0 and Nioh all above 80s ... 4 PS4 exclusives back to back are doing great.. Next Horizon Zero dawn, cant wait

VoodooProject2712d ago

All these great games from Sony and exclusive yet they are only a 8 billion net worth company while Microsoft is a 380 billion dollar net worth company. Why is Microsoft dominating the business game and leaving Sony in the dust. So strange.

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Overload2713d ago

PlayStation is making games for people who don't need to shoot a gun.

- GR2
- Yakuza 0
- Tales
- Ni-Oh
- Horizon

None are focused on gun combat.

Neonridr2713d ago

I think that is what "GR2" is.

Gazondaily2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Lol what? Is this a new thing now? No guns? How does this matter unless this is some societal issue you have and are anti-use of digital guns? If not, then the point is beyond silly. I didn't see anyone complain against the use of guns until today.

Also, the games might have guns in the game but the mechanics sure involve shooting them:

1. TLG- Trico could fire projectiles
2. Horizon- You fire a bow and arrow- firing projectiles
3. GR2- You fire projectiles
4. NI Oh- you can use guns

PixelGateUk2713d ago

I think its more people trying to say there's a variety rather than just all shooters

Overload2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I love games with guns, I also like highly produced games that don't have guns. Are we going to pretend TLG is a shooter because Trico shoots lighting out?

Gazondaily2713d ago

Seems like a long winded way of saying there's variety beyond shooters.