PSLS: 'Life with PlayStation' Impressions

whoelse of PlayStation LifeStyle wrote:

"Today worldwide, Sony finally released 'Life with PlayStation' to PS3 owners. So after playing around with it, what are our intital impressions?

First off, 'LWP' is very well designed and it is easy to use: You can navigate the globe with your two analogue sticks. For an inital release, it's a decent program that you could spend endless hours playing with. However it's far from perfect. Right now it is fairly basic in functionality and features."

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DrWan3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

On the other hand, some news are not specific enough. It looks like sometimes they stream random crap off of Google News. I was at London and I am seeing Japan news and not London news.

Well i am not complaining, as I won't see myself use it that much.

But however, I give them the props for the relaxing music, it is very well design for morning coffee break.

The Fonts on the actual news webpage need to add R3 enlarge like browser, hard to read from sofa, Kotaku wasn't lying :(