Time0 Teaser trailers

Two urban explorers discover an ancient portal to a parallel world filled with evil. Explore the shadow world of a parallel New York City in this action game from Zootfly.

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candystop4927d ago

Talk about a surprise out of nowhere! The story so far sounds kind of cool to this game! Has anyone read and seen the pics of the next Oblivion inside the OXM magizine that was just released?

power of Green 4926d ago

There will be dozons of secret titles revealed soon.

nice_cuppa4926d ago

sounds like the site is going to get interesting.

TheMART4926d ago

Damn this game would really be a lot of fun seen the other trailers from Youtube and these trailers are good also.

But is it for all consoles or only PC/360? The footage on YouTube was running on a 360

General4926d ago

We will know soon enough Mart mate, Im sure that footage on Gametrailers was 360 Footage.