The Escapist: Spectral Force 3 Review

For every good gameplay aspect presented in Spectral Force 3, there's something equally bad to provide a counter balance. Of course, not all of the terrible aspects of this game are bad; the aforementioned voice acting, for example, is too much fun. The graphics are simply bland, neither adding to the excitement and fun nor detracting from it in any meaningful way. On and on it goes with Spectral Force 3: no one aspect rising above the mediocrity of the game to provide a defining gameplay experience but never being terrible enough to completely bore or turn a player off.

Bottom Line: An adequate gaming experience at 20 or maybe even 30 dollars; 60 dollars may be a bit expensive for this much mediocrity. Not one single aspect stands out and defines the game.

Recommendation: Fans of strategy RPGs will find nothing new here, but it's definitely a niche title and not one to write off completely. Rent it or pick it up cheap.

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