Nintendo apparently considering a 3DS successor

Nintendo could be considering a 3DS successor, if a report from Kyoto Shinbun is accurate.

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PhoenixUp624d ago

Gotta have a contingency plan in case Switch doesn't perform as well as expected. Wouldn't want to kill off indefinitely your off your dedicated handheld consoles

killbillvolume12623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

I don't think its that at all. Mark my words this is why the conference they kept on saying HOME CONSOLE. The switch is a HOME CONSOLE and always will be a home console. I also predict the pokemon game rumoured to be coming on to the switch won't be a full blown game like on the 3ds. IF its not then thats a massive indication its not a portable console in nintendo eyes.

EDIT: I honestly believe if this was the 3ds successor there would be some form of backwards comparability like every other nintendo hand held had.

bouzebbal623d ago

I'm more interested in this

mikeslemonade623d ago

4DS gonna be near the powers of the Switch lol

hiawa23623d ago

I may be looking at this the wrong way, but to me, the Switch is a portable that docks, not a traditional home console like what Sony and MS are doing, so I thought the Switch could replace the 3DS and Wiiu and be a 2 for 1 console for Nintendo. Am I wrong?

Deadpooled623d ago

'. I also predict the pokemon game rumoured to be coming on to the switch won't be a full blown game like on the 3ds.'

If the Switch is a home console then it would likely be bigger than the 3ds pokemon games.

CrimsonPheonix622d ago

What stupid reasoning you have all of those are easily deniable.
The switch is a handheld with a dock and the type of pokemon game it has doesn't define the system.
old games are done digitally now.

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nope, the succesor is called: SWITCH

ninsigma624d ago

Don't do it! Just phase out the 3ds over the next year and let the switch be the successor of both wii u and 3DS.

Imalwaysright623d ago

But would gamers be ok with having handheld quality games on the Switch?

killbillvolume12623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

Well If Nintendo didn't say HOME CONSOLE and said this is the 3ds successor or words like it YES 100% people would be happy with handheld quality games. Look at the 3ds its doing amazingly. I think they have really fudged up by saying home console... This is why already we are hearing about a 3ds successor i totally knew Nintendo was pulling a swifty on us.

ninsigma623d ago

Why would they have to be handheld quality?? All devs would just make switch quality games on the switch instead of making 3DS quality games on the 3DS.

Imalwaysright623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

Because you can't expect every game/publisher/dev to have the budget that is needed to have console quality games if the Switch is meant to be the 3ds successor. 3rd party devs/publishers and Nintendo would lose an important stream of revenue that is filled by having games with lower budgets and we would see much less games because the risk would be much higher for devs/publishers. If gamers don't accept handheld quality games on the Switch, then Nintendo might as well release the "4ds". I would welcome handheld quality titles on the Switch alongside console quality titles but I can only speak for myself.

_-EDMIX-_623d ago

So they should purchase another platform just to play the same games somewhere else?

Imalwaysright623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

@ ED

What same games? If there is a "4ds" then what makes you think that the Switch would have the exact same games as it?

TheCommentator623d ago

If gamers buy a Switch, they have to be okay with handheld quality games because the Switch is a handheld when it's not on the dock. To that point, what purpose would a new handheld serve other than to compete with the Switch?

CrimsonPheonix622d ago

So what not every game on PS4 uses all the systems power.

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_-EDMIX-_623d ago

Oh hey, slow down that's a dangerous Common Sense something Nintendo struggles with...

RosweeSon623d ago

It's gonna be 4DS and allow time travel... word!! Last time we didn't need glasses this time we won't need roads ;)

OmnislashVer36623d ago

Maybe DS^4G and allow online? Probably not, just a shot in the dark lmao

RosweeSon623d ago

It's been online for free... for years Mario Kart, Smash Bros and Kid Icarus ✌🏻🕹

OmnislashVer36623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

Did you even read my comment? I said DS^4G as in 4G LTE mobile online...

InsaneChronos623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

What about all that "one platform, one library" hype? That kind of thinking is no more, lawl?

_-EDMIX-_623d ago

Did Nintendo ever confirm that themselves? Because to my understanding that was just gamers assuming that's the route they would have go because it makes Financial sense to all parties.

Knowing how stupid Nintendo is of course they're going to fragment their Market once again

they're idiots