EB Games Australia giving customers a two-day pickup deadline for Switch preorders

Vooks -- This move is unprecedented.

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Bathyj626d ago

weird, but hardly a big deal. Im sure anyone pre ordering will be there within two days of launch

TFJWM626d ago

Not sure why it would even be an issue if you aren't going to pick it up in 2 days have them ship it.

rainslacker626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

2 day hold has been a GameStop policy since as long as I can remember. Even with games. Says so right on the pre-order receipt. I know they were doing it with PS4, WiiU, and I'd imagine X1's. They wouldn't necessarily sell software or hardware if you don't show up on time, and I do know someone that pre-ordered the PS4 from them, but had a death in the family so couldn't be there day one, and they called him the day before, and they ended up holding it for him.

The reason they do it is so people come in in a timely manner, because there are those who will abandon their pre-order, or not have all the money when it releases, and it's a time when GS can actually sell a lot. At least that's what I've been told.

conanlifts626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

I think with ebgames you are supposed to collect within 24-48 hours anyway. I have my preorder with them and have not been contacted regarding this, but i plan to collect pretty much when the shop opens.

Mrveryodd626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

There a bunch of assholes ... There are 2 near where I live .... Never bought a thing from them .... They price gouge a bit on games ... Not so on hardware that I have seen

CyrusLemont626d ago

I buy all my games from EB and I make sure they always price match them to the lowest available retailer so I can rank up my EB member card! If you're level 4, they hold any of your preorders for 7 days.

I went in the other day and saw RE: VII for $109.95 and that was just jaw dropping for a title that has cut content to release as DLC just two weeks after. They're overpricing and milking it simply because it has VR support and the whole horror jump scare gimmick. It's $77 at The Gamesmen so I just made them price match that haha.

I think they try and make it feel like it's taboo to ask for a price match and will pressure you into full price if you show timidness. So I always prepare; know what I want, have my phone ready with the product match and go in guns blazing.

Mrveryodd626d ago

There is a target next to them where I live .... Most of the time there $30 cheaper

Chevalier626d ago

Exactly. Not sure why this is a surprise. I work at EB Games and it has ALWAYS been pick up within 48 hours. The level 4 card does allow for 7 days and the level 3 gives 3 days.

Summons75626d ago

Seems strange to be unprecedented but then again I don't live in Australia. Gamestops here have had a 2-day hold on games and systems since they started pre-ordering things.

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