Blend Games Preview: Valhalla Knights 2

Blend Games writes: "With a new story and many slight alterations made to the gameplay, it looks like Valhalla Knights 2 could be a very well-rounded experience. The real highlight of Valhalla Knights 2, however, resides in its very detailed customization system that gives players the power to change the way the characters look, the weapons and their armor.

Any game that prompts to have customization as the highlight of their of gameplay is definitely doing something right. In the case of Valhalla Knights 2, there's lots of customizing to pass around. In fact, players will have the option of changing their character's gender, hair, clothes, armor, faces and weapons. But it's not just the main character who can fall victim to the player's power of alteration; other members of the team can also be altered. But even more than that, there's a total of 10,000 different items of customization for players to use. In total, there's supposed to be more than 100,000 different possible configurations for all the characters and items. So there shouldn't be any worries about getting stuck with a useless character or the same weapons or armor throughout the course of the game."

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