BeefJack: Valhalla Knights 2 Review

BeefJack writes: "In Norse Myth, Valhalla was the ultimate reward for warriors, an afterlife where they could find history's heroes battling with each other all day, and having rowdy parties that would put any fraternity you could name to shame. In short, it was exciting and probably well worth the price of admission. I find myself wishing I could say the same for Valhalla Knights 2. This game is the sequel to the original Valhalla Knights for the PSP, and it gives the impression of being an entirely adequate game but not much more than that. Odin would be disappointed."


* Lots of customization
* CPU controlled characters do what you tell them to
* Varied environments


* Repetitive missions and gameplay
* Frustrating in the early game with lack of tutorials
* Forgettable story

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