The Last Guardian has Received a Permanent Price-Drop From Sony

This morning, twitter user Wario64 noticed that Sony's exclusive The Last Guardian, seems to have already hit a permanent price-reduction on all store-fronts.

The Last Guardian suffered almost 10 years of development hell, but eventually released two months ago to strong critical reception.

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naruga2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

buy the game people! s a perfect experience ...... such tries must be massively supported or else we ill be filled with generic shooters and QTE simplistic episodic games

darthv722196d ago

your sentiment can be applied to all sorts of games this gen. Ones where the devs put lots of effort into it and all they want in return is for people to play it and enjoy it.

naruga2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

just No .... there are too many mediocrities and generic games out there (especially from FPS genre) that are being repeated, multiplying and stuffing the industry ....tries like TLG, Gravity Rush (or as you mention below W101) must be supported better in order to not be lost and show there is an audiencefor classic gaming...also exploity companies like Capcom which try with heavy names but sloppy made games (SF5 RE7) to just cash from consumers must be boycotted

darthv722196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

naruga, I made a very honest and general statement to which you opted to impose your own view on. Realistically there are several fun games that did not get the attention they deserved. Wonderful 101 is a fun game that (sadly) hardly anyone played because they didnt want to get a wiiu to play it.

another one is Ryse son of Rome. It is a really good game but because it was on xb1 it too got shunned. The order 1886 is another good game that people either did not give it a fair shake or just hated on because it was the thing to do. It's a shame when people already have their minds made up about something without even trying it. Lots of hard work goes into making these things to entertain us.

The least we can do is be open minded to their efforts. you may have your genres you dont care for and that is understandable but you cant just blindly say "NO" to the notion that there are games that deserve to be played other than TLG.

edit: so you edit your response which makes other responses seem out of place. Can't even stand behind what you initially typed huh....?

2196d ago
Sparta072196d ago

@ darthv, I'm going to have to agree with you on this one 100%.

@Barricade, yes sir!!
Resident evil 7 is pretty amazing ( I'm a sucker for horror games )
I agree about TLG, is not perfect not at all but what a GREAT game. I fell in love with TLG the first ten minutes playing it. For those who haven't played it, please do is freaking awesome!!

BizarroUltraman62196d ago


Im not even gonna try.

babadivad2196d ago

*cough* Quantum Break *cough*

bouzebbal2195d ago

i agree with most of what you say, but it is still a subjective opinion.
some people might dislike TLG, others like me dislike GTA.

zidane13412195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Resident evil 7 is not a sloppy game, what the hell are you talking about? Get the hell out of here, resident evil 7 is the beat since 3, moron. 20 dollars says you haven't even played it, fool.

Spike20XX2195d ago

Lol Naruga just can't stand to be so wrong

LordMaim2195d ago

Neither Ryse nor The Order were good games. They may have looked good, but they were simply not good games. The Last Guardian however, is a great game that many will unfortunately not even try, let alone have the patience to get Trico to trust them. It was by far the best game to come out of Team Ico. My hat is off to Ueda.

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SmielmaN2196d ago

I've bought it but it's in a backlog lol

G20WLY2196d ago

Me too lol, looking forward to playing!

Incidentally, this is a duplicate article :

SmielmaN2196d ago

G20WLY. Lol. Too many games!

Overload2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Advice for everyone. Don't spam the commands for Trico.

ORyanDeee2195d ago

yeah ive got it in the backlog too, waiting for the controls to be patched

SojournUK2195d ago

Same here, picked it up for £16 back in December, still in its shrink wrap.

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WelcomeToTheFamily2196d ago

Biggest hypocrite on N4G goes too you.

MagicBeanz2196d ago

I agree with you, people absolutely should buy the game especially at that lower price, theres no reason not to. But if I had one disagreement it would be with the idea that its a "perfect experience", honestly it has a couple of flaws, they are not game breaking just a bit annoying at times but it keeps the game from being perfect for sure. That being said no game is perfect and The Last Guardian is defenitly a game that all PS4 owners should experience.

2195d ago
PFFT2195d ago

Its a pass for me. Ico was amazing and it had memorable characters. And dont even get me started with Shadow of the Colossus that game was amazing! But on this one...............ehhhhhhhh something about that dog with chicken legs and feet just doesnt catch my interest. MAYBE ill give it a shot once it hits the bargain bin OR gets a free release as a PS+ title.

IamTylerDurden12195d ago

I'm surprised bc it actually outsold Deus Ex MKD, Quantum Break, Dead Rising 4, and other big budget titles. TLG has exceeded sales expectations and already sold about one million physical copies. But if more ppl get to play it the better. It should definitely outsell SotC as well.

josephayal2195d ago

Will this game make me cry?

2195d ago
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Overload2196d ago

My game of the year for 2016.

Vizigoth042196d ago

It is truly a great game. Should be at around 1 million worldwide right now. The price drop should give it some legs.

Sparta072196d ago

I guess it can't be YOUR game of the year.
According to the disagrees.

Brugal2196d ago

One of my favorite games this generation. Definitely one of the most memorable gaming experiences I've ever had, especially playing it with my dog on my lap.

JackieDrunken2196d ago

In my top 5 for 2016. Not without faults but a fascinating game with a beautiful story. Refreshing and different.

Inzo2196d ago

Differently in my top 3. A fantastic game.

RedPill862195d ago

A PS exclusive for you? Shocker. Standards are pretty low I'd say. Deus Ex did some fairly new stuff in the RPG department. Doom was the first good FPS campaign in years and mechanically functioned very well. Compared to TLG which mechanically functioned very poorly.

Overload2195d ago


The Last Guardian picked up 15 GOTY awards in total, Deus Ex had 0, Doom had 28.

Not sure what you're getting at here? All you've shown is your love for Deus Ex blinds your judgement.

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isarai2196d ago

Okay? And?...

are game not supposed to go down in price? Two months for a price drop sounds pretty damn common to me. Don't get why this is news :/

Rimeskeem2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I guess CoD is its own league of prices


I know, my point precisely

crazychris41242196d ago

Thats just activision being greedy. Modern Warfare 3 is still $40 on Steam and was released over 5 years ago, Black Ops 2 is $60 and is over 4 years old.

2196d ago
ShaunCameron2196d ago

@ crazychris4124

That's because those games are still in high demand and people are willing to pay such prices.

81BX2196d ago

Instead of taking offense, maybe you should look at it as a way to let those on the fence know its cheaper

isarai2196d ago

Im mot taking offense, just wondering why this is news at all.

81BX2196d ago

Ok. Well maybe to inform? I just finished res7 so i might pick this up now.

RedPill862195d ago

Two months is not common for a permanent price drop. It's only common for this generation with software sales failing across the board, minus the handful of exceptions.

ziggurcat2196d ago

i bet they've only knocked $5 off of the Canadian pricing...

shodai2196d ago

They knocked 30$, now it's 50$ on bestbuy. Not bad, but it still suck's that we pay more. The price looks ok now, I'm gonna pick it up.

mocaak2196d ago

Um, you pay less, 40 USD = 52.20 CAD.

ziggurcat2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )


$49.99 is not $40. The game isn't $39.99 in Canada.

shodai2195d ago


I was referring to back in the days prices where we used to pay the same amount in dollars as the US even if our currency is lower. we used to pay 60$ CAD in the PS3 era, and shortly after the PS4 it was bumped to 70$ adn then to 80$. You have to understand, we dont have as good sales as you have it and games costs hardly falls. When I look at there are all those great deals! hardly has any. And also we dont have bestbuy gamer club, so we cant have reduced prices. Amazon prime in canada dont give reduction on preorders like the US. And in Quebec, the taxes rate is a bit more than 15%, and my salary is about the same as the US so our buying power is not higher! They adjusted the price to the currency, but my salary isnt getting adjusted! Anyway its all good...we gotta do what we gotta do and find a way to get those games, thats why I dont buy new anymore, I wait for sales, thank god playstation has me swimming in games so I can wait!

MRMagoo1232196d ago

Canada huh 😂 you guys are not even close to the prices we are subjected to in Australia

ziggurcat2196d ago

Pretty close, actually.

Allsystemgamer2195d ago

We pay $92 after tax for the standard editions of new releases.