Tom's Games: Spore Review

Tom's Games: "Much has been said about the death of PC gaming over the years. Recently when this topic would surface Will Wright's Spore, his follow-up to the cash supercow series The Sims, would be listed alongside other PC exclusives as clear evidence that not only was PC gaming not in any danger but that it was actually thriving. Will Wright is as good a champion as any for PC game development considering that The Sims games have sold over 100 million copies worldwide (although Sims games have been ported to consoles as well). But the idea with Spore is not to continue in The Sims tradition, it's to tear down the walls those games put around gamers. Spore started development known as SimEverything; suggesting that pieces from all the Sim games would find their way into the end product to create a kind of omniscient playground for gamers to create worlds and watch them evolve. On paper these aspirations are to be lauded. In practice is another story.

The mission of Spore is to take an organism from single-celled anonymity all the way to space-faring glory. From a game designer's perspective that's not an easy task to say the least. Instead of trying to find a single control scheme or gameplay element to drive the game from start to finish, Maxis (developer of Spore) has broken the game into five distinct sections along an evolutionary line: Cell stage, Creature stage, Tribal stage, Civilization stage and finally the Space stage."

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