In Case You Missed It - Divinity: Original Sin

Player 2 looks back at one of the best isometric RPG's from recent times in preparation for the sequel.

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718d ago
SolidBrass717d ago

I really wanted to love Divinity, I just couldn't get into it. I think it's time to give it a second chance

Mr Lahey717d ago

Same, i tried a few times. Don't know why but i can't seem to get in to it..

FullmetalRoyale717d ago

I played it with my best friend, and that could make all the difference. We had a blast arguing with each other about one of us would respond to a character/situation.
We are kind of like water and oil, but in a fun way. I honestly don't think I would have beaten it alone, though I think I still would have enjoyed the gameplay. Playing it coop just made everything more engaging for me.

ShinRon717d ago

this was my runner up for 2015 goty behind mgsv.... as far as gameplay goes one of the best rpgs ever.

story and characters could have used some work tho

Fist4achin717d ago

I'm going to dig into this one soon. I have heard good things about this game.

Pastorfuzz717d ago

Just got Divinity. Will start on it after I finish Oblivion. AGAIN!

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