Will PlayStation Dominate 2017 With Amazing Exclusive Games?

There are still many PS4 games to come and a big year of gaming ahead. Rossco gives his view on what will be the secret to Sony's success. And what they need to deliver in order to maintain their lead in what will be a very competitive year in gaming.

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Overload629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Yes. PS4 has more exclusive games than the other 2 combined, it sells more than both combined, has massive franchises releasing all year and has the marketing deals for all the big multi-platform games.

It's just too strong.

Bigpappy629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Maybe. It depends on the hype those exclusives can generate around the PS4. I like some of what I see, but those game are yet to be released and there are some heavy hitting 3rd party games they have to compete with for PS4 attention and owners dollars.

So will those games fair better than 3rd party?... That remains to be seen. Sony is doing a great job and getting exclusive content out this year though.

Overload629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

I know it is kind of the Xbox way so you might not get it, but a game doesn't have to be Call Of Duty to have it dodge cancellation and have it's IP shelved. Yakuza for example has had 6 main series games and doesn't light the charts on fire. Budgeting and setting realistic expectations are a big part of game development.

BlackTar187629d ago

They don't have to fair better than 3rd party(sold on multiple systems) they just have to provide the current consumers with great experiences and entice fence sitters that they are worth it to get the system. GoW3 is a huge franchise and Spiderman is a huge franchise if done right.

joab777629d ago

Most of the 3rd party games will sell on PS4 simply because of numbers and the Pro. Add to that their many exclusives and it will be a big year. They have new IPs such as Nioh and Horizon in the next few weeks, Persona 5 shortly after, many remasters for those who love jrpgs etc.

It's all coming together for them now!

629d ago
Overload629d ago (Edited 629d ago )


I never once said no one else could enjoy 2017, I'm saying 2017 is the best on PS4 and by a wide margin.

and what jab are you talking about? This?

"I know it is kind of the Xbox way so you might not get it, but a game doesn't have to be Call Of Duty to have it dodge cancellation and have it's IP shelved."

That is the truth, not a jab. This is how Xbox treats it's IP's. If that makes you mad, you should take that up with the Xbox division, not me for saying it.

"Also, more exclusives than the other 2 combined? Are you really comparing a system entering it's 4th year with a system that comes out in March? Classy."

If you want you can add the Wii U in the mix and it would still be true.

All I stated is what is currently happening.

628d ago
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ShadowKnight629d ago

They're already dominating and its not really no competition tbh

_-EDMIX-_629d ago

I think a lot of people need to recognize that there clearly is a correlation between the platform selling as well as its selling to Sony actually producing lots of content.

I think Microsoft and Nintendo need to work on their first parties in regards to building them larger and stronger as well as building a respectful trust with the community because I don't know if I like some of the practices I've seen these two Publishers doing over the last couple years.

Star Fox in Paper Mario used to be some of my favorite Nintendo properties now I have no interest at this point in ever purchasing those two properties after the last couple of installments of those games.

As of right now I only trust Mario Kart and Animal Crossing.

At the end of the day Gamers still need to start looking at the duties of those Publishers in taking them seriously because that trust being lost goes a long way.

Consider after Street Fighter V is launch I don't feel comfortable ever purchasing a street fighter at launch at this point I'm also probably not going to purchase another Devil May Cry game unless it's being done by the original team you could only be burned so many times by a publisher before you make the choice but you're probably only going to purchase a select few games from them..

I don't think that there is a reason why Microsoft and Nintendo as Publishers need to even be in the situation that they're in especially if you consider they performed pretty good last generation.

Why is it that Sony is producing more content with both Nintendo and Microsoft also performing extremely decently the previous generation?

Like they always say you could only for some of the people some of the time Nintendo and Microsoft clearly did not build long-term trust with their users.

Gimmicks in Time games could only take your consumer-based so far the reason why people are purchasing PlayStation 4 is largely in part for the same reasons why they purchase PlayStation 3 largely in part for the same reasons why they purchase PlayStation 2 and so on.

Consistency in support and Trust.

Overload629d ago

People need to recognize the other 2 platform holders (MS and Nintendo) are literally trying to change their strategy of how they pursue consoles based on PlayStation's extreme success. PlayStation made all the right moves for the last 5 years, they executed perfectly worldwide, while the other 2 just scrambled.

Now they reap the benefits.

naruga629d ago

most probably ..........though Nintendo can also have its peaks especially in Japan ..

Wallstreet37629d ago

Nintendo will definitely have its peaks but Sonys output will just be too insane.

DeadlyOreo628d ago


You forgot to mention you don't like Resident Evil 7 in your comment.

naruga628d ago (Edited 628d ago )

ooh yeah sorry ....i dont like RE7, people just stop bying it ! haha ;)

UCForce628d ago

That's because you are way too skeptical about RE 7. Like I said, you are person who stuck in the past way too long.

chrisx629d ago

Its literally gonna be a home run for the Ps4 against the competition in 2017. Over 20 amazing/diverse exclusives will be released this year

TheOptimist629d ago

There is a competition? Xbox is out of question and Switch will probably get drowned at launch with all the games on PS4

ninsigma629d ago

If all 5 of the games in the thumbnail release in 2017 (obviously horizon is), that is a killer lineup for the year.

I can only assume it's gonna be a great year for playstation gamers. Such great games throughout the year and loads have already released. Sony are really kicking it up a notch!

OB1Biker629d ago

A rhetorical question I suppose.