The Gamers Temple: Vampire Rain: Altered Species Review

Review By Kevin "Berserker" Hall:

"Vampire Rain is a horror stealth title that places you in the role of John Lloyd, MGS 1 Solid Snake lookalike and member of a special combat unit known as the Nightwalker Elimination Squad. Basically the nightwalker (vampire) population is about to take over and, under the cover of rain (because rain clouds a nightwalker's senses), the squad is sent in to a west coast city to wipe out all nightwalkers before they get the upper hand on the human population. If you've been scanning the reviews on or then you're likely familiar with the bad reviews that the original Vampire Rain received when it was originally released on Xbox 360. The game felt like an overall mediocre stealth title to me, but I found some amusement in Vampire Rain: Altered Species that kept me hooked throughout the game."

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himdeel3684d ago

...they scored it so high!! This game should NOT get a score higher than a 10/100 for me.